Wednesday, July 5, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

Operation Windsor, set up for General Dempsey, which began on July 4, continues. The 8th Brigade of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, the Royal Winnipeg Rifles Regiment, the North Shore Regiment, the Queen’s Own Rifles Regiment and the Chaudière Regiment mastered the southern part of the airport which was still at the hands of the 12th SS Panzer German division the previous day.
The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division is struggling to dislodge the fanatic soldiers of the Hilterjugend who defend every farm, every crossroads and battle until death. Their fierce defense will prevent Canadians from making progress.

On the American front, the troops of the 7th Corps fight painfully in the direction of Périers and La-Haye-du-Puits. The losses are terrifying: between 4 and 5 July, nearly 1,500 American soldiers are put out of combat while the 7th Corps has progressed only 200 meters. Saint-Jores is liberated by soldiers of the 90th American Infantry Division.

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