Tuesday, August 8, 1944

Tuesday, August 8, 1944

The days that marked the Battle of Normandy

The Germans, who have lost about half of the 145 tanks involved in operation Lüttich, are continuing their extensive counter-attack. But the effect of surprise has passed and the Americans now have seven divisions, two armored, attached to the 7th Corps of General Collins, to face the troops of the 7th German Army of General Hausser.

Meanwhile, operation Totalize is in full swing. The 1st Polish Armored Division participates in the offensive and attacks eastwards against the German 85th Infantry Division, while the bombers attack the Bretteville-sur-Laize, Haut-Mesnil, Cauvicourt and Saint-Sylvain sectors at South-east of Caen. The 2nd and 53rd Anglo-Canadian divisions attack east through the Cinglais forest, and the 4th Canadian Armored Division carries out a strong advance along the Caen-Falaise road.

General Bradley notices this effect of encirclement of the German army and proposes to Eisenhower to carry out this maneuver and to tighten the blades at Falaise level. For the Allies, it is a unique opportunity to precipitate the end of the German army in western France.

Meanwhile, the Belgian group of Colonel Jean Piron arrives at Arromanches. The Belgian soldiers must attack in a few days the Germans defending the littoral north-east of Caen, in the direction of Deauville.

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