6th Airborne Division

6th Airborne Division

Battle order – June 1st, 1944 – Battle of Normandy

History of the 6th Airborne Division

Commander: Major-General Richard N. Gale
Deputy: Captain Tom Haughton
Chief of Staff: Lieutenant Colonel Shamus Hickie

GSO1 (OPS): Lieutenant Colonel Bobby Bray
GSO1 (AIR): Lieutenant Colonel Bill Bradish
GSO2 (OPS): Major David Baird
GSO2 (Intelligence): Major Gerry Lacoste
GSO3 (OPS): Captain M. R. Spurling
GSO3 (AIR): Captain Nick Pratt
GSO3 (Intelligence): Captain J. H. Max

Company HQ: Captain J. Stack
6 A/B Division Provost Company: Captain Irwin
Royal Army Chaplains: Lieutenant Colonel J. C. Hales
Civil Affairs: Major F. Adams
Intelligence Corps: Captain Freddie Scholes – Captain V. L. Clarke
317th Field Security Section: Captain Donaldson-London – Captain F. G. Mc Millan

Glider Pilot Regiment: Brigadier George Chatterton
1st Wing: Lieutenant Colonel Ian Murray
2nd Wing: Lieutenant Colonel John Place
22nd Independant Para Company: Major Francis Gordon Lennox-Boyd, killed on June 6th, 1944

3rd Para Brigade: Brigadier James Hill
Deputy: Major Bill Collingwood

8th Battalion Parachute Regiment: Colonel Alistair S. Pearson
A Company
B Company
C Company: Major George Hewetson

9th Battalion Parachute Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Terence Otway – Lieutenant Colonel Napier Crokenden
A Company: Major Allen Parry
B Company: Captain Harold Bestley
C Company: Major Ian Dyer

1st Canadian Parachute Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel George F. P. Bradbrooke – Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson
A Company: Major D. Wilkins
B Company: Major C. Fuller
C Company: Major Hugh Murray McLeod, killed on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Captain J. P. Hanson

5th Para Brigade: Brigadier Nigel Poett
Deputy: Major Ted Lough

7th Battalion Parachute Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel George Pine-Coffin
HQ Company: Major Tullis
A Company: Major Nigel Taylor
B Company: Major Roger Neale
C Company: Major R. Bartlett

12th Yorkshire Battalion Parachute Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Johnny A. P. Johnson, killed on June 12th, 1944, replaced by Lieutenant Colonel William Harris, wounded in action, replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Nigel Stockwell
HQ Company: Major George Winney
A Company: Major Gerald Ritchie
B Company: Major Harold Rogers
C Company: Major C. W. Stephens

13th Battalion Parachute Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Peter Luard
HQ Company: Major R.M. Tarrant
A Company: Major J.F. Cramphorn
B Company: Major G.W. Briston
C Company: Major G.H.D. Ford

6th Airlanding Brigade: Brigadier The Honourable Hugh Kindersley
Deputy: Colonel Reggie Parker

12th Battalion Devonshire Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Dick Stevens
A Company: Major J. Roger
D Company: Major John Bampfylde (killed on June 12th, 1944)

2nd Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry: Lieutenant Colonel Michael W. Roberts
A Company : Major Gilbert Rahr (second in command: Captain James Marriott, killed on June 10th, 1944)
B Company: Major J. S. R. Edmunds
C Company: Major Johnny Granville
D Company: Major John Howard

1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles: Lieutenant Colonel Robert « Hank » Carson
A Company: Major Charles E. Vickery
B Company: Major Gerald P. Rickcord
C Company: Major F.R.A. Hynds
D Company: Major A.J. Dyball

6th A/B Armoured Recce Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel Godfrey R. Stuart

6th A/B Division Signals: Lieutenant Colonel D. Smallman-Tew

Royal Army Ordnance Corps: Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Watson
6th A/B Div. Ordnance Field Park: Major W. L. Taylor

Royal Army Medical Corps: Colonel M. Mac Ewan
195th Airlanding Field Ambulance: Lieutenant Colonel Bill Anderson
224th Para Field Ambulance: Lieutenant Colonel D.H. Thompson
225th Para Field Ambulance: Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Harvey

Royal Artillery: Lieutenant Colonel Jack S. L. Norris
2nd Airlanding Anti-Aircraft Battery: Major W. A. H. Rowat
3rd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery: Major Nick Cranmer
4th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery: Major Peter Dixon
2nd Forward Observation Unit: Major Harry Rice
53rd Airlanding Regiment RA: Lieutenant Colonel Tony Teacher
210th Airlanding Light Battery RA: Major the Honourable Charles Russel
211th Airlanding Light Battery RA: Major Jim Craigie
212th Airlanding Light Battery RA: Major Matt Gubbins

Royal Engineers (RE): Lieutenant Colonel Frank H. Lowman
3rd Para Squadron RE: Major Tim Roseveare
591st Para Squadron RE: Major Andy Wood
249th Field Company RE: Major Sandy Rutherford
286th Field Park Company RE: Major Jack Waters

Royal Elect. and Mecca. Engineers
(REME): Lieutenant Colonel R. V. Powditch
6th A/B Div. Workshop REME: Major E. Bonniwell
286th Workshop Company

Royal Army Service Corps: Lieutenant Colonel J. Lovegrove
63rd Airborne Composite Company: Major A. C. Billetop
398th Airborne Composite Company: Major M. E. Phipps
716th Airborne Lt Composite Company: Major A. Jones