101st (US) Airborne Division – Battle order – 1944

101st (US) Airborne Division

101ème division aéroportée

Battle order – June 6, 1944 – Battle of Normandy



Commander: Major General Maxwell D. Taylor
Deputy commander: Brigadier General Don F. Pratt (killed in action on June 6th, 1944)

Chief of Staff: Colonel Gerald J. Higgins

G 1. Lieutenant Colonel Ned D. Moore
G 2. Major Arthur M. Sommerfield,  replaced by Major Paul A. Danahy from July 7th, 1944
G 3. Lieutenant Colonel Raymond D. Millener, replaced by Major Harold W. Hannah from July 1st, 1944
G 4. Lieutenant Colonel Carl W. Kohls
G 5. Major Glen C. Eberle,  replaced by Major Charles H. Stephens from June 18th, 1944

Adjudant General: Lieutenant Colonel Edward Schmitt.
Air officer: Lieutenant Colonel William F. Stewart
Division Chaplain: Lieutenant Colonel Louis R. Goodrich
Division Engineer: Lieutenant Colonel John C. Pappas (killed on June 13th, 1944)
Division Finance Officer: Lieutenant Colonel William P. Machemehl
Judge Avocate: Lieutenant Colonel Trueman E. O’Quinn
Division Military Governement Officer: Major Robert S. Smith
Division Ordnance Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Roger W. Parkinson (killed on September 26th, 1944)
Division Postal Officer: Captain Joseph F. Noonan
Division Public Relations Officer: 1st Lieutenant John H. Shumaker, Jr
Division Quartermaster Officer: Major Charles J. Rich
Division Signal officer: Lieutenant Colonel Sidney S. Davis
Division Surgeon: Lieutenant Colonel David Gold
Headquarters Commandant: Major J. T. Nelson


Combat and combat support units

Pathfinders: Captain Frank L. Lillyman

501st Parachute Infantry Regiment: Colonel Howard R. Johnson
RHQ Company: Captain William G. Burd
Regiment Service Company: Captain William H. Butler
1/501st PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Robert C. Caroll (killed on June 6th, 1944)
HQ Company: Captain John W. Simmons
A Company: Captain William W. Paty, Jr (prisoner on June 7th, 1944)
B Company: Captain Loyal Bogart (killed on June 11th, 1944)
C Company: Captain Robert H. “Hawk” Philips
2/501st PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Ballard
HQ Company: Captain Edmund Rhett
D Company: 1st Lieutenant Bill E. Osborn
E Company: Captain Donald A. Brown
F Company: Captain Sammie N. Homan
3/501st PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Julian J. Ewell
HQ Company: 1st Lieutenant Jack F. Thornton
G Company: 1st Lieutenant Vernon Kraeger, wounded, replaced by 1st Lieutenant Norman M. Baker
H Company: Captain Felix W. Stanley
I Company: Captain Richard E. Hotchkiss, killed on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Captain Claude J. Wallace, Jr

502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment: Colonel George Moseley (wounded on June 6th, 1944)
Regiment HQ Company: Captain Rudolph M. Jones
Regiment Service Company: Captain Eldia R. Haire
1/502nd PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Patrick F. Cassidy
HQ Company: Captain James J. Hatch
A Company: Captain Richard L. Davidson (killed on June 6th, 1944)
B Company: Captain Cleveland R. Fitzgerald (wounded on June 6th, 1944)
C Company: Captain Fred A. Hancock
2/502nd PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Steve A. Chappuis (wounded on June 6th, 1944)
HQ Company: Captain James R. Martin, Jr
D Company: Captain William A. Bolton (wounded)
E Company: 1st Lieutenant Fred O. Drennan
F Company: Captain Legrand K. Johnson
3/502nd PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Robert G. Cole
HQ Company: Captain Raymond T. Smith
G Company: Captain Robert L. Clements (wounded on June 11th, 1944)
H Company: Captain Cecil L. Simmons
I Company: Captain Ivan R. Hershner, Jr

506th Parachute Infantry Regiment: Colonel Robert Sink
Regiment HQ Company: Captain Edward A. Peters (killed on June 6th, 1944)
Regiment Service Company: Captain George L. Barton III
1/506th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel William L. Turner (killed on June 7th, 1944)
HQ Company: Captain Lloyd E. Patch
A Company: Captain Melvin O. Davis
B Company: Captain Clovis Y. Tollett
C Company: Captain Knut H. Raudstein (wounded)
2/506th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Strayer
HQ Company: Captain Lloyd J. Cox
D Company: Captain Jerre S. Grosse (killed on June 8th, 1944)
E Company: 1st Lieutenant Thomas Meehan III, killed on June 6th, 1944, replaced by 1st Lieutenant Richard D. Winters
F Company: Captain Thomas P. Mulvey
3/506th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Wolverton (killed on June 6th, 1944)
G Company: Captain Harold Van Antwerp (killed on June 6th, 1944)
H Company: Captain Robert F. Harwick (prisoner)
I Company: Captain John T. McKnight (prisoner)

327th Glider Infantry Regiment : Colonel George S. Wear
Regiment Service Company: Captain William Webb
1/327th GIR: Lieutenant Colonel Hartford T. Salee, wounded on June 10th, 1944, replaced  by Captain George P. Nichols
A Company: Captain Joseph B. Johnson
B Company: Captain Robert B. Trenner (killed in action on June 8th, 1944)
C Company: Captain Robert B.Galbraith
2/327th GIR: Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Rouzie
E Company: Captain Ira E. Hamblin (killed in action on June 12th, 1944)
F Company: Captain James F. Adams
G Company: 1st Lieutenant R. Hugh Evans
3/327th (1/401th) GIR: Lieutenant Colonel Ray C. Allen
HQ Company: Captain Joe S. Brewster
A Company: Captain Eldridge Naugher (killed in action on June 13th, 1944)
B Company: Captain Robert J. McDonald
C Company: Captain Preston E. Towns

101st division Artillery: Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe
HQ Battery : Captain R. Wilson Neff
81st Airborne AA Battalion: Major X. B. Cox, Jr
A Battery: Captain Thomas Moran
B Battery: Captain Alphonse Gueymard
C Battery: Captain William S. Lockman
D Battery: Captain William G. Joe
E Battery: Captain Gene B. Ganier
F Battery: Captain Robert L. Jackson

321st Glider FA Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Edward L. Carmichael

907th Glider FA Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Clarence F. Nelson

377th Parachute FA Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Weisberg
HQ Battery: Captain Charles E. Knight
A Battery: Captain Charles D. Aldrich
B Battery: Captain Grover C. Robinson
C Battery: Captain Marion A. Parrott
D Battery: Captain Fred C. Culpepper, Jr

101st Airborne Signal Company: 1st Lieutenant William H. Breen, Jr

326th Airborne Medical Company: Major William Barfield

326th Airborne Engineer Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel John C. Pappas (killed on June 13th, 1944)
HQ & Service Company: Captain Walter W. Hogrefe
A Company: Captain Jack L. Rogers
B Company: Captain Donald H. Froemke
C Company: Captain Francis Liberatori

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