79th (US) Infantry Division – Battle order – Battle of Normandy

79th (US) Infantry Division

79th (US) Infantry Division

Battle order – July-August 1944 – Battle of Normandy



Chief General: Major General Ira T. Wyche
Assistant Division Commander: Brigadier General Frank U. Greer

Chief of Staff: Colonel Kramer Thomas

Combat and combat support units

313th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Sterling A. Wood
– 1/313
– 2/313
– 3/313

314th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Warren A. Robinson
– 1/314
– 2/314
– 3/314

315th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Porter B. Wiggins, replaced on June 23, 1944 by Colonel Bernard B. McMahon and Colonel Robert H. York from July 13, 1944, then replaced by Lieutenant-Colonel John A. McAleer on July 29, 1944
– 1/331
– 2/331: Lieutenant-Colonel James F. Faber (killed on July 9, 1944)
– 3/331

79th Reconnaissance Troop (mechanized)

304th Combat Engineer Battalion

79th Artillery Division
310th Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm Howitzer)
311th Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm Howitzer)
312th Field Artillery Battalion (155 mm Howitzer)
904th Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm Howitzer)

Combat service units

779th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company

304th Medical Battalion

79th Quartermaster Company

79th Signal Company

Military Police Platoon

Headquarters Company



– Anti-aircraft artillery
463rd AAA AW Bn (Mbl), from July 1st, 1944 to July 9, 1945

– Armored
749th Tank Battalion, from July 1st to 24, 1944
Co B, 749th Tank Battalion, from July 31st to August 1st, 1944

– Anti-tank
813th Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP), from July 1st to September 9, 1944

Command posts

April 18th, 1944: Pettypool Hall, England
June 1st, 1944: Tiverton, England
June 12th, 1944: Audouville-la-Hubert
June 14th, 1944: Fauville
June 18th, 1944: Orglandes
June 20th, 1944: Colomby
June 21st, 1944: Hameau de Haut
June 28th, 1944: Petite Motte
July 2nd, 1944: Le Haut de Gris
4th of July 1944: Les Fosses
July 12th, 1944: Bolleville
July 25th, 1944: The Viéville
July 28th, 1944: Geffosses
July 31st, 1944: The Danerie
August 1st, 1944: Saint-Léger
August 3rd, 1944: Le Châtellier
August 5th, 1944: Le Bourgneuf-la-Fôret
August 7th, 1944: Brûlon
August 8th, 1944: Saint-Georges-du-Bois
August 10th, 1944: Chanteloup
August 11th, 1944: Marolles-les-Braults
August 12th, 1944: Saint-Julien-sur-Sarthe
August 15th, 1944: Ormoy
August 18th, 1944: Le Tertre-Saint-Denis
August 21st, 1944: Dennemont
August 28th, 1944: Fontenay-Saint-Père


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