82nd (US) Airborne Division

Battle order – June 6, 1944 – Battle of Normandy



Commander: Major General Matthew B. Ridgway
Deputy commander: Brigadier General James Maurice Gavin
Deputy commander: Brigadier General George P. Howell

Chief of Staff: Colonel Ralph P. Eaton (wounded in action on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Colonel Edson D. Raff)

G 1. Lieutenant Colonel Frederick M. Schellhammer
G 2. Lieutenant Colonel Whitfield Jack
G 3. Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Wienecke
G 4. Lieutenant Colonel Bennie A. Zinn (wounded in action on June 7th, 1944, replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Frank W. Moorman)

Inspector General: Lieutenant Colonel Charles M. Barrett
Adjudant General: Lieutenant Colonel Raymond M. Britton
Division Engineer: Lieutenant Colonel John C. Pappas (killed on June 13th)
Finance Officer: Lieutenant Colonel William E. Johnson
Judge Avocate: Lieutenant Colonel Casimir D. Moss
Military Governement Officer: Captain Peter Shouvaloff
Division Chaplain: Lieutenant Colonel George L. Riddle
Ordnance officer: Lieutenant Colonel Joshua A. Finkle (wounded in action on June 7th, 1944, replaced by Captain William B. McGuire)
Quartermaster Officer: Lieutenant Colonel John N. Rohrman
Surgeon: Lieutenant Colonel Wolcott L. Etienne (wounded in action on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Major William C. Lindstrom)
Signal officer: Lieutenant Colonel Frank W. Moorman, replaced by Captain Robert E. Furman from June 7th, 1944
Headquarters Commandant: Major Don C. Faith
Special Services Officer: Captain Rudrick R. Otto
Military Police Officer: Major Frederick G. McCollum

Officer in charge of the pathfinders: Major Neal L. Roberts

Combat and combat support units


505th Parachute Infantry Regiment: Colonel William E. Ekman
RHQ Company: Captain Talton “Woody” Long
1/505th PIR: Major Frederick C.A. Kellam (killed in action on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Mark Alexander le 7 juin)
Second in command: Major James E. McGinity (killed in action on June 6th, 1944)
HQ Company : Lieutenant Robert D. Keeler
A Company: Lieutenant John J. “Red Dog” Dolan
B Company: Lieutenant James M. Irvin
C Company: Captain Arthur Stephanich
2/505th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin H. Vandervoort
HQ Company: Lieutenant James Gray
D Company: Captain Taylor G. Smith
E Company: Captain Clyde Russell
F Company: Captain Hubert Bass
3/505th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Edward C. Krause
G Company: Captain Robert Follmer (wounded in action on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Lieutenant Ivan Woods)
H Company: Captain Walter C.DeLong
I Company: Captain Harold H. Swingler

507th Parachute Infantry Regiment : Colonel George V. Millet (prisoner on June 8th, 1944, replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Arthur A. Maloney)
RHQ Company: Captain Robert D. Rae
Medical Company: Major George K. Vollmar
1/507th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Edwin J.Ostberg
A Company: Captain James R. Nunn
B Company : Captain Chester B. McCoid
C Company : Captain Sanford M. Frank
2/507th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Charles Timmes
D Company: Captain Clarence A. Tolle
E Company: Captain Roy E. Creek
F Company: Captain Paul F. Smith
3/507th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Arthur A. Maloney
G Company: Captain Floyd B. Schwartzwalder
H Company: Captain Allen W. Taylor
I Company: Captain Gordon S. Allyn

508th Parachute Infantry Regiment : Colonel Roy E. Lindquist
RHQ: Captain Robert Abraham
1/508th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Batcheller (killed in action on June 6th, 1944)
Major Shields Warren
HQ Company: Captain Gerard A. Ruddy (killed in action on June 6th, 1944)
A Company: Captain Jonathan E. Adams
B Company: Captain Royal R. Taylor
C Company: Captain Walter Silvers
2/508th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J.B. Shanley
HQ Company: Captain Chester E. Graham
D Company: Lieutenant Norman McVicar
E Company: Captain Eugene Hetland
F Company: Captain Francis E. Flanders (killed in action on June 7th, 1944)
3/508th PIR: Lieutenant Colonel Louis G. Mendez
HQ Company: Lieutenant Malcolm D. Brannen
G Company: Captain Frank J. Novak
H Company: Captain Hal M. Creary (killed in action on June 6th, 1944)
I Company: Lieutenant John J. Daly (killed on July 7th, 1944)

325th Glider Infantry Regiment : Colonel Harry L. Lewis
1/325th GIR: Lieutenant Colonel Klemm R. Boyd (wounded on June 7th, 1944replaced by Major Teddy H. Sanford)
HQ Company: Captain Alex Bishop (killed on June 9th, 1944)
A Company: Lieutenant James Gayley (killed on June 7th, 1944, replaced by Lieutenant Wilbur Heckman)
B Company: Captain Richard M. Gibson
C Company: Captain Dave E. Stokley (wounded on June 9th, 1944)
2/325th GIR: Lieutenant Colonel John H. “Swede” Swenson (wounded on June 11th, 1944)
HQ Company: Captain Herbert Slaughter
E Company: Captain Robert Dickerson (wounded on June 11th, 1944)
F Company: Lieutenant Joe B. Gault
G Company: Captain Irvin Bloom (wounded on June 11th, 1944)
3/325th (2/401st) GIR: Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Carrell
HQ Company: Captain Lewis S. Mentlik
I Company (E-401): Major Charles Murphy (wounded on June 9th, 1944)
K Company (F-401): Captain James M. Harney
L Company (G-401): Captain John B. Sauls (wounded on June 9th, 1944)

82nd Airborne Div. Artillery: Colonel Francis A. March

319th Glider FA Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel James C. Todd
A battery: Captain Charles Sartain

320th Glider FA Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Paul E. Wright

376th Parachute FA Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Wilbur N. Griffith

456th Parachute FA Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Wagner J. d’Alessio
A battery: Captain Herman L. Alley

80th Airborne AA Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Raymond E. Singleton
A battery: Captain Norman Nelson
B battery: Captain Nock Russell
C battery: Captain William Pratt
D battery: Captain Norman Connell
E battery: Captain James Sherman
F battery: Captain Choice Rucker

307th Airborne Engineer Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Robert S. Palmer (prisoner on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Major Edwin A. Bedell on June 8th, 1944)
B Company: Captain William H. Johnson

Combat service units

307th Airborne Medical Company: Major William H. Houston (killed on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Major Jerry J. Belden)

407th Airborne Quartermaster Company: Captain Samuel H. Mays

782nd Airborne Ordinance Maintenance Company: Captain Jeff Davis, Jr

82nd Airborne HQ Company: Captain George J. Claussen

82nd Airborne Signal Company: Lieutenant Robert B. Nerf

82nd Airborne Reconnaissance Platoon : Lieutenant Joseph V. Demasi

82nd Airborne Military Police: Major Frederick G. McCollum

82nd Airborne Ordnance Maintenance Company: Captain James E. Griffin

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