8th (US) Infantry Division battle order – Battle of Normandy – 1944

8th (US) Infantry Division

8th (US) Infantry Division

Battle order – July-August 1944 – Battle of Normandy


Chief General: Major General William C. McMahon, relieved of duty on July 12 and replaced on July 13, 1944 by Major General Donald A. Stroh.

Deputy: General Nelson W. Walker, killed in action on July 9, 1944 and replaced by Colonel Cyrus H. Searcy and Colonel Charles D.W. Canham effective on July 26, 1944.

Chief of Staff: Colonel Thomas J. Cross

13th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Robert A. Griffin

28th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Lester A. Webb, relieved of duty and replaced by Lieutenant-Colonel Henry B. Kunzig on 10 July 1944 and by Colonel Kenneth E. Anderson on 14 July 1944

121st Infantry Regiment: Colonel Albert H. Peyton relieved of duty and replaced by Colonel John R. Jeter on July 10, 1944

8th Reconnaissance Troop (mechanized)

12th Combat Engineer Battalion

8th Artillery Division
43rd Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm Howitzer)
45th Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm Howitzer)
56th Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm Howitzer)
28th Field Artillery Battalion (155 mm Howitzer)


8th Medical Battalion

708th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company

8th Quartermaster Company

8th Signal Company

Military Police Platoon

Headquarters Company



Anti-aircraft artillery
445th AAA AW Bn (Mbl), from July 11, 1944 to May 12, 1945

Field artillery
174th FA Gp, from August 16 to September 20, 1944
196th FA Gp, from August 20 to September 20, 1944

Armored unit
709th Tank Battalion, from July 13, 1944 to January 26, 1945

644th Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP), from July 15, 1944 to April 28, 1945

86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, from July 7th to September 20th, 1944

Command posts

March 15, 1944: Omagh, Irlande du Nord
July 9, 1944: La Fosseraie
July 25, 1944: La-Haye-du-Puits
July 27, 1944: Saint-Patrice-de-Claids
July 28, 1944: La-Haye-du-Puits
August 5, 1944: Betton
August 18, 1944: Lesneven
August 30, 1944: Plouvien