Jedburghs equipment in Normandy

French resistance during the Battle of Normandy


Team equipment Jedburgh 1944. Photo: DR

Equipment of a Jedburgh team in 1944.
Photo: DR

Uniforms of the British Jedburghs

Jacket and pants Mle 37 or 40
Short gaiters and boots
Khaki shirt and chemisette
Sleeveless mesh vest known as “Escape”
Wool cap
Royal Armored Corps black beret
Smock camouflaged Denison (all models)
Oversmock Sleeveless Mle 42
Models of canvas (models 37 and 42)
Coated canvas poncho
Individual assault rope
Camouflage net scarf
Rigid backpack Bergam
Liftable leg bag

Weapons of the British Jedburghs

Webley Mk3 380 and Enfield Mk2 380 revolvers
Canadian H.P 35 Browning No. 2 Mk19 mm pistol
Fairbairn & Sike Dagger
Rocket gun Mle G.B N ° 3 Mk1 – N ° 4 Mk1
Handgrenades N ° 69 and N ° 82 (known as Gammon)
Smoke grenade, handgrenade N ° 73 (phosphorus)

Other British materials

Emergency and survival kit
Individual dressing Package
Evasion lot (lime, silk card, escape compass…)
GM card holder and small model
Batteries for lamps, substations, etc.
1/50000 and 1/250000 maps
Handkerchief with radio codes
Directory of coded missions (scarf)
Individual air-to-ground signaling panel
Fluorescent vehicle sign
BRIT handle identification flags
MK3 binoculars
MK3 compass
Dynamo light
D.Z. Aldis lamp housing
SSLD-321 3-corner reflector and light headset SSLV1 indicator of D.Z.

Uniforms of American Jeds & SAARF

Wool caps M41 “beabie” or A4 called Skull cap 42
Weapon Cap
Jumping Jacket Model 42
Jumping pants Model 42
M36 Cross-over Cotton Fighting Equipment
Jumping helmet M1 C
Jump Boots Mle 42
M 43 legendary boots
Cavalry Skin Gloves
Jacket in wool and serge (in regular service)
Pants in wool and serge
Dress “A” (for officers)
Chocolate brown jacket and salmon pants
M 41 olive green campaign jacket
M 43 country jacket
M 43 Cotton Fighting Pants V.O
M 43 pull-over button-down collar
M 43 winter jacket tanker
Bergam backpack

Weapons of the American Jedburghs

Colt 45 M 1911 A1 pistol
USM3 Dagger in USM8 Case
U.S AN M8 and M9 (launch tube)
P.M. Thomson M1 1942 (caliber 45 – 11.43mm)
Machine gun M3 A1 Cal 45 ACP
USM1 rifle and M1 A1 folding stock, USM1 rifle (caliber 30 m1, 7.62mm)
UD 42 Marlin 9mm submachine gun
Mk2 defensive handgrenade, Mk3 offensive handgrenade and M15, M16, M18 smoke handgrenades

Other US materials

Individual dressing for paratroopers
M 1938 Card Case
Handkerchief with radio code
Identification U.S. flag
M3 6X30 binoculars
US army engineers compass
TL122 bending lamp (US)
Signal lamp M227 on tripod
Pistol Launcher AN M8 40mm
SSLD-321 3-corner reflector and light headset SSLV1 indicator of D.Z.

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