Gooseberry 2 (Omaha Beach)

Battle of Normandy

Image : Le Goosberry 2 au large d'Omaha Beach

Goosberry 2 off Omaha Beach

The “gooseberry 2” is located at a hundred meters from Omaha Beach from June 7, 1944 and the establishment continues until June 12. It consists of 55 ships of all kinds, supplied by various nations (22 from Great Britain, 16 from the United States, 17 from other Allied countries).

List of 24 Blockships (also called Corn cobs) scuttled to form the gooseberry 2:

Cargo Alcoa LeaderLiberty Ship James W. Marshall
Liberty Ship Artemas WardLiberty Ship James Iredell
Cargo AudaciousLiberty Ship James W. Marshall
Paquebot BaialoideCargo Kentuckian
Cuirassé HMS CenturionCargo Kofresi
Cargo CourageousCargo Lena Luckenbach
Cargo ExfordCargo Maycrest
Cargo Flight CommandCargo Olambala
Cargo GalvestonCargo Potter
Cargo IllinoianCargo Robin Gray
Liberty Ship George W. ChildsCargo Stanwell
Liberty Ship James IredellCargo West Nilus


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