Crasville battery – Stp 142 – HKB Crasville

Crasville battery – Stp 142

German batteries of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy

Unit: 5th Battalion, 1261th Coastal Artillery Regiment

Codename: H.K.B. Crasville – Stp 142

Artillery guns: 4x 105 mm K331 (f)


Construction and composition of the Crasville battery

It was built during the year 1943. It consists of four French guns manufactured by Schneider of 105 mm K331 (f) housed under casemates: two of the Regelbau H671 type and two of the Regelbau H650 type. This combination of casemates is uncommon on all the sites of the Atlantic Wall because the 671 construction usually goes hand in hand with a shooting command post.

The Crasville battery, coded Stp 142 by the Germans, also consists of several other constructions, including personal shelters, ammunition bunkers, a water reserve and a 20 mm anti-aircraft gun space.

In June 1944, the battery is commanded by Oberleutnant (lieutenant) Franz Kerber.