Fermanville La Judée battery

German batteries of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy

Unit: 5th Battalion of the 1709th Artillery Regiment

Artillery guns:  4x 105 mm K331 (f)

The Fermanville La Judée battery belongs to the defensive system of the city of Cherbourg (“Festung Cherbourg”) and its port in deep water.

The battery is located near the hamlet of Fermanville La Judée and it consists of four casemates type Regelbaut H669 each sheltering a piece of 105 mm K331 (f) dating from 1935 and a range of 20 kilometers. It belongs to the command of the army and its location of choice allows it to prohibit any access to the harbor.

47 mm and 50 mm anti-tank guns participate in the close defense of the site, anti-aircraft defense being supported by 75 mm and 20 mm guns.

Its role during the battle of Normandy remains however very limited because the Germans sought above all to reinforce the surrounding batteries.