Gatteville battery – Stp 152 – Atlantic wall

Gatteville battery – Stp 152

German batteries of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy

Unit: 7th Battalion of the 1261th Marine Artillery Regiment (7/HKAR1261)

Codename: Stp 152

Artillery guns: 4x 155 mm K420


The Gatteville battery, coded “Stp 152” by the Germans, belongs to the eastern defense belt protecting the city of Cherbourg (“Festung Cherbourg“) and its precious deep water port, a real key for war logistics.

The Germans built near the village of La Houguette on the Pointe de Barfleur four casemates type Regelbau 679 each protecting a gun of French origin 155 mm (155 mm K420).

A Regelbau H502 firing station is also built in addition to several shelters, ammunition bunkers, anti-aircraft gun positions and machine gun positions (three R502, two R622, two R134 and four Vf58c).

The guns are protected by armored shields adapted by the Germans.