Morris battery – Colleville – Wn 16 – Atlantic wall

Morris battery – Colleville – Wn 16

German batteries of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy

Unit: 2nd battery of the 1716th Artillery Regiment (2./AR1716)

Codename Wn 16

Artillery guns: 4x 100 mm FH 14/19 (t)

OutcomeUnder British control June 6, 1944

The Colleville-sur-Orne battery is located to the south of this locality (now known as Colleville-Montgomery) and close to another fortified point: Hillman (Wn 17).

Codée Wn 16 by the Germans, it is armed by four horse-drawn guns of 100 mm FH 14/19 of Czech origin still on their trailer. These guns are placed under Regelbau H669 casemates and are served by the artillerymen of 2./AR1716.

The battery site, coded “Morris” by the British (the latter called the whole of the German batteries in their area of responsibility by English car brands), also includes a machine gun Ringstand, four Vfs and four diesel tanks. ‘water.

On June 6, 1944, at the beginning of the afternoon, the British of the 1st Suffolk Regiment, supported by the tanks of the Hussars, seized positions Morris and Hillman.