Position Hillman – Stp 17 strongpoint – Atlantic wall in Normandy

German strongpoints in Normandy: Wn 17
Hillman battery

Atlantic wall

Wn 17 is also known as Stützpunkt 17 (Stp 17) and the Allies gave it the nickname Hillman. It houses the command post (CP) of the 736th Mechanized Infantry Regiment (commanded by Oberst Ludwig Krug) in two buried H608 type shelters, one of which is surmounted by an observation bell Just from the ground. The Stp 17 is surrounded by a large network of mines, barbed wire and trenches. No fewer than eight machine-gun tobruks protect access to the CP and the same amount of shelters and ammunition bunkers are built there.

The Hillman battery controls the fires of the Wn 16 strongpoint (Morris battery).

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