Stp 9 in Normandy – Wn 100 – Les Dunes de Varreville

German strongpoints in Normandy: Stp 9 / Wn 100

Atlantic wall

The Stp (Stürtzpunkt, fulcrum) 9, also coded Wn 100 strongpoint by the Germans, is located at the place known as the Dunes de Varreville. Set on the waterfront, this site is defended along the dunes by an anti-tank wall. The main armament of the Stp 9 consists of two 8,8 cm guns protected by casemates type Regelbau H677, the orientation of which makes it possible to flank the beach to the north and the south.

In addition to these two artillery guns, the site also has five turrets tank, each equipped with a 37 mm gun on top of a tobruk concreted shelter (three along the beach and two behind the strongpoint) and a projector of 150 mm protected by a concrete shelter. A M19 5 cm  mortar is installed under a shielded protection on top of a H633 type shelter and four concreted positions for machine guns ensure close protection of the fulcrum.

Composition of the Stp 9 / Wn 100 strongpoint :

  • 2x 8,8 cm Pak 43/41 guns
  • 5x 37 mm KwK 144 (f) guns
  • 1x 5 cm M19 gun
  • 4x machine gun nests
  • 1x 150 cm Sw.37 searchlight

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