Wn 100 strongpoint – Wn 1 – Atlantic wall in Normandy

German strongpoints in Normandy: Wn 1 / Wn 100

Atlantic wall

The Wn 100 strongpoint, also coded Wn 1 by the Germans, is placed under the control of Leutnant Rohweder (2nd company of the 919th Infantry Regiment: 2./919). Its mission is to prohibit maritime access to the Canal de Carentan, from its position south of the Grand Vey bench in the Veys Bay. Its centerpiece is a 75 mm gun under casemate type Regelbau H612. A French 37 mm R35 tank turret is also in place, on top of a concrete shelter. All the elements of the site are connected by a network of trenches.

Composition of the Wn 100 / Wn 1 strongpoint:

  • 1x 75 mm FK 235 (b) gun
  • 2x 5 cm KWK L/42 guns
  • 1x 37 mm KWK (f) gun
  • 1x 50 mm mle 37 type Gr. W 203 (f) mortar
  • 4x tobrouks
  • 3x machine gun nests

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