German strongpoints in Normandy: Wn 10 / Wn 101

Atlantic Wall

The Wn 10, also coded Wn 101 by the Germans, is located north of the place called Dunes Varreville. Located on the seafront, this site is defended along the dunes by an anti-tank obstacle made from wooden piles. The main armament of the Wn 10 consists of an 88 mm gun reinforced by two 47 mm guns attached to the casemate type Regelbau H677, whose orientation allows to fire the beach in a row, north and south.

In addition to these artillery pieces, the site also has two tanks for a 50mm gun, a third 47mm gun on an open firing position and two tank turrets each with a 37mm gun on each side. concrete shelter tobrouk.

Close protection of the site is ensured by two mortars of 81.4 mm in vat, twelve automatic flame throwers distributed around the perimeter of the Wn 10 and ten tobrouk machine gun positions. Four observation posts are also constructed, as well as shelters and ammunition bunkers.

Composition of Wn 10 / Wn 101:

1 gun of 88 mm Pak 43/41

1 gun of 47 mm Pak 181 (f)

3 guns of 37 mm KwK 144 (f)

2 mortars of 81.4 mm Gr.W 34

12 flamethrowers

10 slots for machine guns

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