Wn 102 in Normandy – Wn 3 – Beau Guillot

German strongpoints in Normandy: Wn 3 / Wn 102

Atlantic wall

The Wn 102 strongpoint, also coded Wn 3 by the Germans, is placed under the control of Leutnant Ritter belonging to the 2nd company of the 919th Infantry Regiment (2./919). Its mission is to control from its position of the Beau Guillot the maritime accesses to the Channel of Carentan, from its position to the north of the bench of the Grand Vey, in bay of the Veys. The site is equipped with a 7,5 cm gun, a 5 cm gun and a French 47 mm gun. All the elements of the site are connected by a network of trenches.

Composition of the Wn 102 / Wn 3 strongpoint:

  • 1x 7,5 cm FK 38
  • 1x 5 cm KWK L/42 gun
  • 1x 4,7 cm Pak 181 (f) gun
  • 1 FT turret equipped with a 8 mm Hotchkiss machine gun

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