Wn 104 in Normandy – Wn 5 – La Madeleine

German strongpoints in Normandy: Wn 5 / Wn 104

Atlantic wall

The Wn 104 strongpoint, also coded Wn 5 by the Germans, is placed under the authority of Leutnant Yahnke. This point of support is located between La Grande Dune and La Madeleine and defends access to the road leading to the village of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. Protected by an anti-tank wall on which a Regelbau H667 casemate for a 50 mm gun is built, the Wn 5 consists of two other 50 mm guns, a 47 mm anti-tank gun, a French tank turret FT 17 of 37 mm, a mortar for 50 mm mortar, three machine gun barrels, and numerous ammunition shelters and bunkers.

The whole of the W5 is protected by an important network of mines as well as by barbed wire. Site facilities are connected by trenches.

Composition of the Wn 104 / Wn 5 strongpoint:

  • 3x 5 cm KWK L/42 guns
  • 1x 47 mm Pak 181 (f) anti-tank gun
  • 1x 8 mm Hotchkiss machine gun inside a FT 17 tank turret
  • 1x 50 mm type Gr.W 278 (f) mortar
  • 1x 8 cm mortar
  • 3 machine gun nests
  • Shelters H501 (x1), H667 (x1)
  • Ammunition bunkers H134 (x2)

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