Wn 74 strongpoint – Atlantic wall in Normandy

German strongpoints in Normandy: Wn 74
Stp Saint-Quay

Atlantic wall

The Wn 74 strongpoint, also known as Stp Saint-Quay, is a radar detection station of the Kriegsmarine, the German navy. Located at the top of the cliff northeast of Englesqueville, it consists of a small SK type observatory, four radar bases and several shelters, tobrouks and ammunition bunkers. The station is protected to the south by a minefield coded Mf 24.

Composition of the Wn 74 strongpoint:

  • 3x 2 cm (Flak 30) anti-aircraft guns
  • 2x Seeriese (FuMO 214) radars
  • 1x Seetakt (FuMO 2) long range radar
  • 1x Freya (FuMG 80) radar
  • Several machine guns

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