Luftwaffe in Normandy

German Luftwaffe in Normandy

The German Air Force in Normandy

On 6 June 1944 only the I/JG 2, I/JG 26, III/JG 26 and the Stab squadrons were present.

The missions of the Luftwaffe on D-Day.

The Luftwaffe during the Battle of Normandy:

16. Felddivision (LW), engaged east of Caen. It was engaged in particular during the British operation Goodwood, after suffering from the continuous bombing Allies.

17. FeldDivision (LW), formed in 1943 in the country of Caux (based in Le Havre) and engaged mainly at the end of the Normandy campaign, from 16-17 August 1944. Its actions concentratedin the region of Dreux where its squadrons supported the withdrawal of German troops during the closing of the Falaise pocket.

18. FeldDivision (LW). Formed in 1943 in the sector of Dunkirk and to support the for bridgehead of Mantes.

LW Kampfgruppe, based in Lisieux and rendered inoperable after the bombings which affected it in the region of Le Mans at the beginning of August 1944.