American ground forces on D-Day – 2/2

This list of military units corresponds to US ground forces landed and parachuted between June 6 and 7, 1944. It includs all units except sections and detachments that were part of a larger organization and is based on the War Department of Army General Orders: WD GO 70, 1945; WD GO 75, 1945; WD GO 116, 1946; DA GO 23, 1947; DA GO 72, 1948; DA GO 6, 1950; DA GO 37, 1950; DA GO 32, 1953; and DA GO 1956.

226th Port Company
227th Port Company
228th Port Company
229th Port Company
234th Engineer Combat Battalion
237th Engineer Combat Battalion
238th Engineer Combat Battalion
HHD, 251st Ordnance Battalion
254th Engineer Combat Battalion
261st Medical Battalion
270th Port Company
271st Port Company
272d Port Company
273d Port Company
279th Port Company
280th Port Company
282d Port Company
283d Port Company
286th Joint Assault Signal Company
293d Joint Assault Signal Company
294th Joint Assault Signal Company
298th Port Company
299th Engineer Combat Battalion
300th Port Company
301st Port Company
302d Military Police Escort Company
302d Port Company
303d Port Company
304th Port Company
305th Port Company
HHD, 306th Quartermaster Battalion
320th Antiaircraft Artillery Balloon Barrage Battalion
336th Engineer Combat Battalion
348th Engineer Combat Battalion
363d Quartermaster Service Company
391st Medical Collecting Company
392d Medical Collecting Company
393d Medical Collecting Company
397th Antiaircraft Artillery AutomaticWeapons Battalion (Provisional)
Military Intelligence Interpreter Team No.407 (Provisional)
413th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion
Military Intelligence Interpreter Team No.416 (Provisional)
Military Intelligence Interpreter Team No.419 (Provisional)
428th Military Police Escort Guard Company
447th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
449th Military Police Company
453d Amphibious Truck Company
457th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
458th Amphibious Truck Company
459th Amphibious Truck Company
462d Amphibious Truck Company
467th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
468th Amphibian Truck Company
474th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
478th Amphibious Truck Company
479th Amphibious Truck Company
HHD, 487th Port Battalion
490th Port Battalion
501st Parachute Infantry
502d Engineer Light Ponton Company
HHD, 502d Port Battalion
503d Engineer Light Ponton Company
503d Quartermaster Car Company
506th Parachute Infantry
508th Parachute Infantry
Company C, 509th Military Police Battalion
Hqs Det, 518th Port Battalion
519th Port Battalion
526th Ordnance Tank Maintenance Company
531st Engineer Shore Regiment
HHD, 533d Quartermaster Battalion
535th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
555th Signal Air Warning Battalion
556th Quartermaster Railhead Company
559th Quartermaster Railhead Company
562d Quartermaster Railhead Company
HHD, 577th Quartermaster Battalion
582d Engineer Dump Truck Company
602d Engineer Camouflage Battalion
603d Quartermaster Graves Registration Company
606th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company
610th Engineer Light Equipment Company
612th Engineer Light Equipment Company
616th Ordnance Ammunition Company
HHD, 619th Quartermaster Battalion
625th Ordnance Ammunition Company
635th Tank Destroyer Battalion
637th Ordnance Ammunition Company
643d Clearing Company
741st Tank Battalion
743d Tank Battalion
745th Tank Battalion
746th Tank Battalion
747th Tank Battalion
819th Engineer Aviation Battalion
899th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Battery B, 980th Field Artillery Battalion
987th Field Artillery Battalion
991st Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
992d Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
996th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
RHC, 1106th Engineer Combat Group
HHC, 1121st Engineer Combat Group
HHC, 1171st Engineer Combat Group
1219th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
1340th Engineer Combat Battalion
1605th Engineer Map Depot Detachment
2013th Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
2062d Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon
3168th Quartermaster Service Company
3207th Quartermaster Service Company
3250th Signal Service Company
3275th Quartermaster Service Company
3466th Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Company
3497th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company
3565th Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Company
3604th Quartermaster Truck Company
3712th Quartermaster Truck Company
3807th Quartermaster Truck Company
3820th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company
3891st Quartermaster Truck Company
3892d Quartermaster Truck Company
3939th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company
4042d Quartermaster Truck Company
4141st Quartermaster Service Company
4142d Quartermaster Service Company
4143d Quartermaster Service Company
4144th Quartermaster Service Company

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