Operation Bigot

Preliminary missions for the Operation Overlord

As part of the deception program of the German intelligence services, the Allies are developing Operation Bigot. The latter aims at classifying “Ultra secret” all the false documents whereas the real ones are classified “Bigot”. The Bigot program is supported by a score of soldiers on the fifth floor of the Selfridges store in London.

The origin of the term Bigot is subject to debate: for some, Bigot comes from the acronym in English: “British Invasion of German Occupied Territory”. For others, this comes from the inversion of the letters of the British expression “To Gib” (Gibraltar).

The officers and associates who had knowledge of secret information concerning the landing of Normandy are gathered under the name “Bigots officers”. Their protection throughout the preparations for D-Day is a permanent concern for the Allies. Operation Bigot also misses several abortions, notably in April 1944 during the full-scale rehearsal of the landing which resulted in a disaster (Operation Tiger): ten officers carrying Bigot documents were missing in the Channel after the torpedoing of their ship, but the bodies are later found by the Allies.

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