Days of war

Normandy landings video games

Video game’s name: Days of war

Release date: January 26,  2017

Developped  by: Driven Arts

Available on: Steam

For four years, fans of historical video games were waiting for the release of a new creation inspired by the world of the Battle of Normandy. From January 2017, the company Driven Arts offers its multiplayer game “Days of War” designed on the basis of an FPS (First-person shooter, French first person shooting game). In this first version, it allows users to embody an infantryman or a paratrooper engaged in the fighting of the Second World War, and in Normandy in particular, in front of other soldiers in multiplayer.

Authenticity is the watchword of the company Driven Arts, which has relied on the fidelity of reproductions of weapons, uniforms and the staging of historic battlefields. For example, the characteristics of the different weapons actually used by the different belligerents and available in the game were taken into account like the decline, the precision or the mass.

The development was made possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign launched in 2014 on the internet for the game to be available on PC and Xbox One as well as PS4. Four cards are proposed with this first version accessible from the Steam platform: one of them represents Omaha Beach, theater of the landing of the 1st and 29th American infantry divisions on June 6, 1944. Another card proposes to the players of evolve in a Norman village in the heart of the battles of the Battle of Normandy. In addition, enlightened users can create their own map and offer it as a free download. Another way of approaching history …


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