Steel Division : Normandy 44

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Video game’s title: Steel Division : Normandy 44

Release date: May 23rd, 2017

Developped by: Eugen Systems

Available on: Amazon – Steam

In the lineage of strategy games (where it is really question of tactics) dedicated to the Battle of Normandy, the French company Eugen Systems offers a particularly successful opus. The video game “Steel division: Normandy 44” is in line with the creations “Close Combat: Invasion Normandy” and “Brothers in Arms”, based on a real historical study to offer the player a precise and faithful immersion of the Second World War and the Battle of Normandy in particular.

Steel division: Normandy 44 uses the concept of games in the Wargames range that offer the user to choose his combat tools, to position them in the allotted time, to fulfill primary and secondary missions. This is not a simple game of entertainment: the level is very high! Before you start the battle, study your field, monitor the logistics of units deployed, respect the balance of resources committed. The characteristics of the available military engines are faithful to the historical reality, and they are part of a framework inspired by the battles that really existed. Nevertheless, for the needs of animation of the game, certain freedoms with respect to the history were taken by the developers, without that spoiling the quality of the entertainment. You will be at the same time head of group, head of section, commander of unit or head of corps of military units.

In the campaign mode of the game, you will be able to take command of American paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division dropped in the Cotentin on the night of June 5 to 6, 1944, to lead British units during the Battle of Normandy (especially during the Operation Epsom) or to lead German units against Allied forces. The “skirmish” mode offers for its part to launch missions on historical sites of Normandy (Pointe du Hoc, Pegasus Bridge, Cote 112 …), unfortunately without respecting the nation or the units historically present in these places (at the like fighting British vehicles at the summit of Pointe du Hoc …).

If you are passionate about tactics against an opponent maneuvering in a historical setting inspired by the Battle of Normandy, this game is imperative to test!


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