M10 Destroyer / M10 Wolverine tank

History, technical sheet and photo

Image : Char M10 Destroyer

M10 Destroyer / Wolverine tank history

Before they entered the war in 1941, the Americans were aware that the tank played a vital role on the battlefield. That’s why the US Army decides to reinforce its armored base of an armored vehicle called “Tank Destroyer”.

One of the prototypes proposed was selected by the American military engineers who decided in September 1942 to launch the production of this tank called M10 and called “Destroyer” (“Wolverine” for the British).

Powerfully armed, the tank M10 nevertheless retains an excellent mobility, due to the smallness of its armor, which is however one of its weak points. Once again, as with the Sherman tank, Americans prefer to supply quality by quantity, as the Destroyer tank can not fight against most German tanks. He must always have the initiative during the fighting.

The M10 Destroyer tank is nevertheless a very good tank, mobile and equipped with a high firepower, and is very appreciated within the American cavalry. Under the loan-lease agreements, the British receive 1,650 M10 tanks (which they call M10 Wolverine) from the Americans: 1,100 of them are modified to change guns (they are Then called M10 Achilles).

In Normandy, some Destroyer tanks are equipped with the “Hedge Cutter” hedging system that also equips the Sherman and the Stuart. The M10 “T.D.” (Tank Destroyer) was used after the Second World War by the British and French military forces.

M10 Destroyer / Wolverine tank specification

Creator: United States
Users: United States, Britain
Denomination: M10 Destroyer (United States) / M10 Wolverine (Britain)

Length: 6,83 m
Width: 3,05 m
Height: 2,90 m
Weight: 29,600 kg
Maximum speed: 40 km/h
Operational range: 322 km

Armament: one M7 76,2 mm gun

Engine: 375 horsepower GM 6046 diesel engine
Consumption: 233 liters per 100 kilometers

Crew: 5 (commander, gunner, loader, driver, assistant drive)

Front armor: 51 mm
Flancs armor: 25 mm
Rear armor: 25 mm

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