Greasegun M3A1 submachine gun

Greasegun M3 A1 submachine gun

History, technical sheet and photo

Image : Greasegun M3A1

Greasegun M3A1 submachine gun history

The M3 submachine gun, known as “Grease Gun”, entered service at the end of 1942. The design of the M3 was carried out in parallel with research on the improvement of weapons production. For example, M3 submachine gun was manufactured from compressed metal parts and proved to be much easier to produce than the Thompson submachine gun with a lower production cost.

Between December 1942 and 1944, during which the M3 submachine gun model was used, numerous deficiencies were noted, corrected failures in the following version, called M3A1, manufactured in 1944.

Equipped with a retractable but adaptable stick, with an “average” weight and a relatively low rate of fire (350-450 rounds per minute), Grease gun appears as a machine gun more manageable than others American submachine guns.

Greasegun M3A1 submachine gun specification

Creator/User: United States of America
Denomination: M3A1 submachine gune
Produced: 680,000 (during World War II)

Fire mode: Automatic
Caliber: 11.43×23 mm
Chargeur : 30 rounds
Range: 150 m
Rate of fire: 350-450 rounds/min

Weigth: 3,7 kg
Length: 757 mm