M1905 Bayonet

M1905 Bayonet

History, technical sheet and photo

Image : Baïonnette américaine M1905

History of the M1905 Bayonet

With the development of the Springfield and .30 caliber rifles, the Americans imagine a unique bayonet for these two weapons: the result is called M1905.

The original guard is made of wood. The following model (M1910) is covered with leather. This bayonet was used for the first time during the war between the United States and the Philippines and then during the First World War. The production of the M1905 takes place between 1906 and 1922. Also in staffing during the Second World War, it is present on the battlefields of Normandy.

A new version of this bayonet is produced as of 1942, the M1942: the guard is replaced by plastic. In 1943, to equip the Garand M1 rifle, the M1905 is shortened by 4 inches: this modified bayonet is called M1905E1.

The M1905 is particularly popular in the Pacific where the Americans are fighting Japanese soldiers equipped with a bayonet-sword much longer than the M1 bayonet.

Specifications of the M1905 bayonet

Creator/User: United States of American
Denomination: M1905 bayonet
Total length: 508 mm

Blade details

Length: 406,4 mm (16 inches)

Guard details

Length: 101,6 mm (4 inches)