Calendar of military reenactment camps in 2024 in Normandy

75e anniversaire du débarquement de Normandie - Arromanches 2019

This page presents the calendar of the various military reenactment camps in 2024 organized to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

This program is currently under construction. If you would like your military camp to appear, please send me an e-mail here.

“In the footsteps of the Allies” re-enactment camp – Parc municipal, 144 Grande Rue, 14880 Hermanville-sur-Mer
Full-day re-enactment of a military camp, with hospital, canteen and command post. Free admission.
Organized by Normandy Soldiers Memory and Résistance Alliés Déportation.

Crossbow reenactment camp – Stadium, 50690 Virandeville
All day: presentation of an American military reenactment camp. Free admission. Organized by ANCM 44.

‘Notley’ reenactment camp – Stadium, Ferme du bois, 50160 Torigny-les-Villes
All day: presentation of an American military reenactment camp. Free admission. Information:

Re-enactment camp – 14610 Fontaine-Henry
All-day re-enactment camp at Fontaine Henry castle. Free admission.

American re-enactment camp – 14520 Aure-sur-Mer, Salle socio-culturelle
09h-19h: World War II American camp, period vehicles, etc.
Screening of a film on the Second World War on June 6, 2024 at 11pm (price to be confirmed).
Catering on site. Free admission.

Overlord Historical Days Camp – 14710 Colleville-sur-Mer, Overlord Museum
09:30-19:00: World War II American camp, period vehicles, book fair, dynamic demonstrations, etc.
Catering on site. Free admission.

“Kilroy” re-enactment camp – 50500 Saint-Côme-du-Mont
10am-8pm: re-enactment of a WWII American camp.

“Dog Green” re-enactment camp – 14710 Vierville-sur-Mer
9am-7pm: World War II allied camp, vintage vehicles, military vehicle ride, commemorations, convoys, parades, etc.
Organisation: UNIVEM. Information and inscription:

Geronimo” re-enactment camp – 50480 Sainte-Mère-Eglise
09h-20h: World War II American camp, period vehicles, vehicle parade, commemorations, demonstrations, convoys, etc.
Information: +33 (0)2 33 41 41 35.

Camp Texas – Crasville Battery, 50630 Crasville
Exhibition of American and German military vehicles and equipment, a 1/1 scale reproduction of a Waco glider, medical equipment…

Medical Post – Château Colombières, 50480 Hiesville
From 3 to 5 June: 10am-7pm/ 6 June: 1pm-7pm/ 7 June: 10am-3pm – Reconstitution of the medical post of the 326th Airborne Medical Company. Free admission.

1st Aid Post – 4th Infantry Division – Château Franquetot, 50480 Sainte-Mère-Église
10 am-12 pm/2 pm-5 pm: reconstruction of an advanced aid post and medical clearing station of the 4th (US) Infantry Division in 1944 in Normandy. Free admission. Also suitable for young visitors.

Remember Camp – 50310 Azeville
Day: reconstitution of an American camp near the battery of Azeville.

“Gold Beach Liberty Camp – Chemin de la Dîme, 14960 Asnelles
Full day: reconstruction of a British camp, model exhibition, history of the French Resistance. Price: €2 per person (free for children under 10).
Information: +33 (0)7 72 28 86 92.

American and German forces camps – Delaunay farm, 50500 Carentan-les-Marais
2pm-5pm: tours of the military camps at Ferme Delaunay (farm). Free admission. Information: +33 (0)

Camp Hillman – 7 rue du Suffolk Regiment, 14880 Colleville-Montgomery
10am-12pm / 2pm-5pm: exhibition and reconstruction of a military and civilian camp with period vehicles and equipment.

Immersion in 1944 – Rue de la belle Manière, 50390 Néhou
Day: historical reconstruction of General Patton’s command post.
Organized by: Association souvenir du général Patton. Contact and information:

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