The 1940 German airfield in Argentan comes out of the forgetfulness

A fighter-bomber Junkers Ju 87 Stuka belonging to the Stuka Geschwader 77

July 22nd, 2016: The airfield of 1940 in Argentan comes out of the forgetfulness
Information source: Ouest-France

An aerodrome of the German army which served from July 1940 to March 1941 between Argentan and Occagnes came out of oblivion. Thanks to unpublished photographs and some vestiges of this historical episode still present.

It is a little known episode of local history during the Second World War. Shortly after their arrival at Argentan, at the end of June 1940, the Germans installed an airfield at the exit of Argentan, on the right in direction of Occagnes. This aerodrome – like another located in Ommoy, near Trun – hosted a squadron of the Luftwaffe [Stuka Geschwader 77 equipped with Junkers Ju 87], until the spring of 1941, for the Battle of Britain.

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