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1st US Infantry Division battle order – 1944

1st US Infantry Division

Image : 1st Infantry Division

Battle order – June 1st, 1944 – Battle of Normandy


Commander: Major General Clarence R. Huebner
Deputy commander: Brigadier General Willard G. Wyman

Chief of Staff: Colonel Stanhope B. Mason

G 1. Lt Col. Charles S. Ware
G 2. Lt Col. Robert F. Evans
G 3. Lt Col. Frederick W. Gibb
G 4. Lt Col. Clarence M. Eymer
G 5. Lt Col. John M. Rogers, Jr.

Adjudant General: Lt Col. Leonidas Gavalas

Combat and combat support units

16th Infantry Regiment : Colonel George A. Taylor
Medical det.: Major Charles Tegtmeyer
1/16th: Lt. Col. Edmund F. Driscoll
A Company: Captain James Pence
B Company: Captain Thomas Merendino
C Company: Captain Victor Briggs
D Company: Captain Polydore Dion
2/16th: Lt. Col. Herbert C. Hicks, Jr
E Company: Captain Edward F. Wozenski
F Company: Captain John Finke
G Company: Captain Joseph Dawson
H Company: Captain Robert Irvine
3/16th: Lt. Col. Charles T. Homer, Jr
I Company: Captain Kimball Richmond
K Company: Captain Anthony Prucnal
L Company: Captain John Armellino (wounded on June 6th)
M Company: Captain Emil Edmonds

18th Infantry Regiment : Colonel George Smith, Jr.
1/18th: Lt. Col. Henry G. Learnard, Jr.
2/18th: Lt. Col. John Williamson
3/18th: Lt. Col. Courtney P. Brown

26th Infantry Regiment : Colonel John F. R. Seitz
1/26th: Lt. Col. Francis J. Murdock, Jr
D Company: Captain Robert Bridges
2/26th: Lt. Col. Derrill M. Daniel
3/26th: Lt. Col. John T. Corley
I Company: Captain Semanchyk
K Company: Captain Moultrap (wounded on June 6th)
L Company: Captain Billings
M Company: Captain Uffner

1st Motorized Reconnaissance Unit: Captain William L. Blake

1st Combat Engineer Battalion: Lt. Col. William B. Gara

299th Combat Engineer Battalion: Lt. Col. Milton Jewett

1st divisional artillery unit: Brigadier General Clift Andrus
5th FA Bn: Lt. Col. Robert N. Tyson
7th FA Bn: Lt. Col. George W. Gibbs
32nd FA Bn: Lt. Col. Edward S. Bechtold
33rd FA Bn: Lt. Col. Walter J. Bryde
C Battery: Captain Pelletier
81st Mortar Battalion : Colonel Thomas H. James (wounded on June 6th)
A Company: Captain Moundres (killed on June 6th), replaced by Lt. James P. Panas
D Company: Captain Gaffney (killed on June 6th), replaced by Lt. Marshall

Service units

56th Signal Bn: Major Ernest L. Smith
A Company: Captain Howard E. Porter
1st Signal Company

701st light ordnance company: Captain Raymond C. Huntoon

1st Logistic company: Captain John J. King

1st Military Police platoon: Major Thomas F. Lancer

1st Medical Bn: Lt. Col. Samuel Blechfeld


741st Tank Battalion: Lt. Col. Robert N. Skaggs
Svc Company: Lt Frank A. Klotz
A Company: Captain Cecil D. Thomas
B Company: Captain James G. Thornton
C Company: Captain Charles R. Young
D Company: Captain John F. Sicks
745th Tank Battalion: Lt. Col. Wallace Nichols
635th Anti-tank Battalion : Lt Col. Wint Smith

111th FA Bn: Lt Col. Thornton L. Mullins

197th AAA AW Bn: Lt. Col. Charles T. McEniry
Medcal det.: Captain Irving S. Roth
A battery: Captain William S. Heitz
B battery: Captain Everett V. Peterson (killed on June 6th)
C battery: Captain William R. Olcott
D battery: Captain Thomas A. Chappelle

115th Regimental Combat Team: Col. Eugene N. Slappey
116th Regimental Combat Team: Col. Charles D.W. Canham

1st det, 29th Reconnaissance unit

1 det, 121st Combat Engineer Bn

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