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Humber Armoured Car Mk IV

History, technical details and pictures


Image: Humber Armoured Car Mk IV


Humber Armoured Car history

During the Second World War, the British sought to expand their already large fleet of reconnaissance vehicles. They have produced a significant amount of light reconnaissance vehicles such as the Humber Scout Car, the Light Armoured Car Humber or the Daimler Armoured Car.

English Rootes Group launched the program in 1942 and produced a 4x4 prototype, lightweight, fast and shielded. This new vehicle, built from the chassis of the Karrier KT4 tractor  and the Guy brand vehicle, is called Humber Armoured Car and has a turret that can accommodate a 15 mm Besa machine gun. This vehicle equips cavalry regiments as well as infantry regiments.

The Humber Armoured Car was used in combat from 1941 and it took part in the Battle of Normandy during which it realized ​​multiple reconnaissance missions and convoy escorts.

From the Mark I model, several other versions were produced: the Mark II has a turret with three places (1650 copies were constructed), while the Mark IV 1943 was armed with a new 37 mm gun some receive a fourth crew member.

The Canadians produced an identical vehicle: the Humber Mk III they nicknamed "Fox". After World War II, the Humber were used by many nations around the world such Denmark, Mexico, the Netherlands or Portugal.


Humber Armoured Car sheet

Creator: Great-Britain
User: Great-Britain, Canada (Fox)
Name: Humber Armoured Car Mk IV
Total production: 2 000

Length: 3,20 m
Width: 1,70 m
Height: 1,50 m
Weight: 7 100 kg
Maximum speed: 72 km/h
Range: 400 km

Main armament:  a 37 mm M5/M6 or 2-Pounder QF (40 mm)
Secondary armament: one 7,92 mm Besa machine gun

Engine: 6-cylinder four-stroke, side-valve, 87 hp at 3200 rev / min, 4088 cc

Crew: 4 (1 vehicle commander, 1 driver, 1 gunner, 1 radio operator)

Shield: up to 15 mm - Reproduction is submitted to authorization - Contact the webmaster