British Independent Brigades – Battle order – Battle of Normandy

British Independent Brigades on D-Day

Battle order – June 6, 1944 – Battle of Normandy

11th Armored Vehicles Regiment
73rd Anti-Tank Regiment
27th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
4th Cartography RA Regiment
30th Engineering Corps
30 Transmission Corps

– 56th Infantry Brigade: Brigadier E. C. Pepper

2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel R. W. Craddock

2nd Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel D. W. Biddle

2nd Battalion Essex Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel J. F. Higson, remplacd by Major Elliott on June 12th, 1944
A Company
B Company : Captain Eric Watson, wounded on June 11th, 1944
C Company
C Company

– 8th Armoured Brigade: Brigadier Bernard Cracroft

4th/7th Dragoon Guards: Lieutenant Colonel Rodney Byron

Nottinghamshire (Sherwood Rangers) Yeomanry: Lieutenant Colonel John Anderson

24th Lancers: Lieutenant Colonel W. A. C. Anderson

8th Armoured Brigade Workshops R.E.M.E (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers): Major R.A. Arbuckle

12th Battalion, The King’s Royal Rifle Corps

147th Field Regiment (Essex Yeomanry) Royal Artillery

168 (City of London) Light Field Ambulance

552 Company Royal Army Service Corps

265 Forward Delivery Squadron

– 27th Armoured Brigade: Brigadier G. E. Prior-Palmer

13th/18th Royal Hussars: Lieutenant Colonel Harrap

1st East Riding Yeomanry

The Staffordshire Yeomanry: Lieutenant Colonel J. A. Eadie
A Squadron: Major M. A. Spencer-Nairn
B Squadron: Major G. J. W. Turner
C Squadron: Major P. B. Griffin

3rd Recce Regiment (Northumberland Fusiliers)

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