29th (US) Infantry Division battle order – 1944

29th (US) Infantry Division

Image : 29th Infantry Division

Battle order – D-Day – Battle of Normandy


Commander: Major General Charles H. Gerhardt
Deputy commander: Brigadier General Norman D. Cota

Chief of Staff: Colonel Godwin Ordway, Jr
– 13 June 1944: Lt. Col. William C. Purnell
– 15 June 1944: Colonel Edward H. McDaniel

G 1. Lt Col. Cooper B. Rhodes
G 2. Major Paul W. Krznarich
G 3. Lt Col. William J. Witte
G 4. Lt Col. Louis M. Gosorn
G 5. Captain Asa B. Gardiner

Adjudant General: Lt Col. Robert H. Archer, Jr

Combat and combat support units

115th Infantry Regiment : Colonel Eugene N. Slappey
– 13 June 1944: Colonel Godwin Ordway, Jr.
– 18 July 1944: Colonel Alfred V. Ednie
– 11 August 1944: Lt. Col. Louis G. Smith
Rgt HQ : 1st Lieutenant Frank D. Bergstein
1/115th : Lt Col. Richard C. Blatt
HQ Company: Captain David F. Mentzer, Jr
A Company: Captain John M. Ryan
B Company: Captain LeRoy Weddle
C Company: Captain Frank Bowen
D Company: Captain George B. Nabb, Jr
2/115th : Lt Col. William E. Warfield
HQ Company: Captain Richard P. Scott
E Company: Captain Waldo E. Schmitt
F Company: Captain Robert J. Kaiser
G Company: 1st Lieutenant Livingston Eaddy
H Company: Captain Angelo W. Onder
3/115th: Major Victor P. Gillespie
HQ Company: Captain Jacobs L. Jones
I Company: Captain William L. Spry
K Company: Captain Louis I. Hille (killed on June 12th)
L Company: Captain Arthur D. Lawson
M Company: Captain George B. Fowler

116th Infantry Regiment : Colonel Charles D.W. Canham
– 7 July 1944: Colonel Philip R. Dwyer
Rgt HQ: Captain Joseph A. Rice
1/116th: Lt Col. John A. Metcalfe
HQ Company: Captain Thomas J. Callahan
A Company: Captain Taylor N. Fellers (killed on June 6th)
B Company: Captain Ettore V. Zappacosta (killed on June 6th)
C Company: Captain Berthier B. Hawks
D Company: Captain Walter O. Schilling
2/116th: Major Sidney V. Bingham, Jr
HQ Company: Captain Charles R. Cawthon
E Company: Captain Lawrence A. Madill (killed on June 6th)
F Company: Captain William Callahan
G Company: Captain Eccles Scott
H Company: Captain George Boyd
3/116th: Lt Col. Lawrence E. Meeks
HQ Company: Captain Archibald A. Sproul
I Company: Captain Miflin B. Clowe, Jr. (wounded on June 8th at Grandcamp-les-Bains)
K Company: Captain William G. Pingley, Jr
L Company: Captain Charles W. East
M Company: Captain Charles Kidd

175th Infantry Regiment : Colonel Paul R. Goode
– 11 June 1944: Lt. Col. Alexander George
– 18 June 1944: Lt. Col. William C. Purnell
– 23 June 1944: Colonel Ollie W. Reed (killed in action at Villebaudon, 30 July 1944)
– 30 July 1944: Lt. Col. William C. Purnell
Rgt HQ: Captain Henry J. Reed
1/175th: Lt Col. Roger S. Whiteford
HQ Company: Captain Guy G. Griffin, Jr
A Company: Captain Joseph E. Mueller
B Company: Captain Jack Brashears
C Company: Captain Alexander Pouska, Jr
D Company: Captain Miles C. Shorey, Jr
2/175th : Lt Col. Millar G. Bowen
HQ Company: Captain Louis J. Curl, Jr
E Company: Captain Lawrence E. Maddox
F Company: Captain Robert M. Miller
G Company: Captain Kearney Slingluff
H Company: Captain Edward Wolff
3/175th: Lt Col. Edward A. Gill (killed in action at Villebaudon, 30 July 1944)
HQ Company: Captain Paul T. Freund
I Company: Captain Frank J. McKenna
K Company: Captain John T. King III
L Company: Captain Alvin W. Hobbs
M Company: 1st Lieutenant Thomas C. Emlo

29th Reconnaissance Troop: Captain William H. Puntenney

121st Engineer Combat Bton: Lt Col. Robert P. Ploger
HQ Company: Captain Henry E. Lewis
A Company: Captain Christian L. Martin
B Company: Captain Edward L. Humphrey
C Company: Captain Svend A. Holmstrup (killed on June 6th)

29st division Artillery: Brigadier General William H. Sands

110th FA Bton: Lt Col. John Purley Cooper
HQ Company: Captain James R. McCarthy
A battery: Captain William H. Beehler
B battery: Captain Charles C. Cole
C battery: Captain Arthur L. Flinner

111th FA Bton: Lt Col. Thornton L. Mullins (killed on June 6th)
HQ Company: Captain William L. Decamps
A battery: Captain Jack R. Wilson
B battery: Captain John Hodges
C battery: Captain Louis A. Shuford

224th FA Bton: Lt Col. Clinton E. Thruston, Jr
HQ Company: Captain Harry J. Mathews
A battery: Captain Arnold J. Young, Jr
B battery: Captain Delos H. Mathiesen
C battery: Captain Harry Ostler

227th FA Bton: Lt Col. Neal W. Harper
HQ Company: Captain Robert M. Godber
A battery: Captain Doyle E. Conrad
B battery: Captain George F. Weidl
C battery: Captain Walter J. Rakow

29th Signal L Company: Captain Arba G. Williamson
729th Ord. Light Maintenance E Company: Captain Harold S. Price
29th Quatermaster Co: Captain Frank B. Hines
29th Military police Platoon: Major Vern E. Johnson
104th Medical Bton: Lt Col. Arthur N. Ericksen
A Company: Captain Raymond F. Conway
B Company: Captain Lester L. Kolman
C Company: Captain John S. Williams

743rd Tk Bton: Lt Col. John S. Upham, Jr (killed on June 6th)
747th Tk Bton: Lt Col. Stuart G. Fries
635th Tk Destroyer Bton :

1 det, QG & QG battery, 49th AAA Bde: General Edward W. Timberlake HQ & HQ battery, 18th AAA Grp
110th AAA Gun Bton: Lt. Col. William F. Curren, Jr.
457th AAA AW Bton
1 det, 413th AAA Gun Bton
1 det, 320th AAA Bln Bton VLA

102nd Cavalry Rcn Squadron

5th Engineer Special Brigade: Colonel William D. Bridges
6th Engineer Special Brigade: Colonel Paul W. Thompson (wounded on June 6th), Colonel Chase
992nd Engineer Treadway Br Co
1 det, 996th Engineer Treadway Br Co
502nd Engineer Light Po N company
503rd Engineer Light Po N company 1st Engineer Combat Bton, Cie C
234th Engineer Combat Bton
254th Engineer Combat Bton QG & Cie QG, 1121st Engineer C Grp
147th Engineer Combat Bton
336th Engineer Combat Bton QG & Cie QG, 1171st Engineer C Grp
112th Engineer Combat Bton: Major William A. Richards (killed on June 6th)
146th Engineer Combat Bton: Lt. Col. Carl J. Isley
Cie HQ : Captain Arthur Hill
A Company: Captain Sam H. Ball, Jr
B Company: Captain John K. Howard
C Company: Captain Vincent L. Wall
149th Engineer Combat Bton
1340th Engineer Combat Bton
610th Engineer Light Equip Cie
HQ & HQ battery, V Corps Arty
1 det, 17th FA Obsn Bton
33rd FA Bton HQ & HQ battery, 190th FA Grp
186th FA Bton
187th FA Bton
190th FA Bton
200th FA Bton
58th Armored FA Bton: Lt. Col. Mc Quade (killed on June 6th), Major Walter J. Paton (from June 6th)

26th Regimental Company Combat Team: Colonel John F. R. Seitz

2nd Ranger Bton: Lt Col. James E. Rudder
HQ Company: Captain James W. Wikner
A Company: Captain Joseph Rafferty (killed on June 6th)
B Company: Captain Edgar Arnold
C Company: Captain Ralph E. Goranson
D Company: Captain Morton L. McBride
E Company: 1st Lt. Gilbert C. Baugh
F Company: Captain Otto Masny

5th Ranger Bton: Lt Col. Max F. Schneider
HQ Company: Captain John C. Raaen Jr.
A Company: Captain Charles Parker
B Company: Captain George P. Whittington, Jr.
C Company: Captain Wilmer K. Wise
D Company: Lt. George R. Miller
E Company: Captain Edward Luther
F Company: Captain William M. Runge

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