La Pernelle 1 battery – La Pinoterie – Atlantic wall

La Pernelle 1 battery – La Pinoterie

German batteries of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy

Unit: 9th Battalion of the 1261th Marine Artillery Regiment (9/HKAR1261)

Codename: La Pernelle 1

Artillery guns : 6x 105 mm K331 (f)


La Pernelle 1 battery is one of the three elements that make up the defensive complex around the village of La Pernelle, comprising two artillery batteries (Pernelle 1, Pernelle 2) and a radar station (station B7).

La Pernelle 1, also known as “La Pinoterie”, comprises six 105 mm K331 barrels of French origin, manufactured by Schneider. These rooms, dating from 1916, are housed under casings of type Regelbau H650 and H671.

The site includes a H608 command post.

The guns were removed from their casemates to be used against the American troops advancing towards Cherbourg during the month of June 1944, since the angle of rotation of the parts inside the constructions did not allow them to open fire on troops landing at Utah Beach.