Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) 3

Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) Mk3

History, technical sheet and photo

Image : Landing Craft Mechanized

Landing Craft Mechanized 3 (LCM) history

The LCM (Landing Craft Mechanized) already exists before the Second World War, under different versions. The LCM 3 is developed in two different versions: cargo and troop transport. Its tactical role is to increase the firepower of a landed force. Indeed, the LCM 3 is capable of embarking and disembarking a 30-ton tank, which can subsequently support the infantry as close as possible during an amphibious assault.

Capable of reaching the 10 knots, it can also carry, in place of a tank, 60 equipped soldiers, almost double of a LCVP.

Landing Craft Mechanized 3 (LCM) specification

Creator/User: United States of America
Denomination: LCM 3

Crew: 4 (1 coxwain, 1 engineer, 2 crew members)
Propulsion: 2 Diesel engines, 110-225 hp
Transport capacity: one 30-ton tank or 60 equipped soldiers

Speed (loaded): 8 knots
Speed (empty): 11 knots
Length: 15,25 m
Weight: 25,000 kg