June 6, 2019 traffic conditions in Normandy – D-Day 75th anniversary

D-Day 75th Traffic Restrictions 2019

As in 2014, the traffic restrictions of June 6, 2019 mainly concern the department of Calvados.
Photo: DDTM Calvados

May 16, 2019: the traffic conditions in Normandy on June 6, 2019 for the 75th anniversary of D-Day
Source : Préfecture du Calvados

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the landing (see the full program of ceremonies by clicking here), the participation of many Heads of State and Government on June 6, 2019 in multiple remembrance activities results in a restriction of traffic conditions. Normandy, and especially in Calvados. More than 280 commemorative activities are organized during this period and are likely to bring together more than 30,000 people.

For this purpose, an exceptional plan of regulation and control of the traffic will be activated the day of June 6 only, from 6 hours to 23 hours. It will concern 121 communes, divided between the districts of Bayeux and Caen, from Isigny-Sur-Mer to Ouistreham. Its objective is to avoid the saturation of the space, to prevent the congestion of the axes, to guarantee to the residents the best fluidity of the possible traffic, and to the visitors the access to their destinations.

Entry into this regulated traffic zone will be possible at several crossing points, where gendarmerie forces will control the stickers. These stickers will not be nominative and will not require to have the number of vehicles. Exceptionally, stickers will be issued on June 6 at certain entry points of the Regulated Traffic Zone (RTZ).

Several information must be brought to the attention of the users of the roads of Calvados the day of June 6:

  • The obtaining of a sticker is necessary for the users who wish to enter the RTZ the day of June 6, during the activation of the plan.
  • The obtaining of a sticker is necessary for the users who wish to leave the RTZ and to enter there again, during the day of June 6, during the duration of the plan.
  • Obtaining a sticker does not allow access to roads closed to traffic and reserved for the circulation of delegations and processions.
  • The obtaining of a sticker is not necessary for the users who wish to move from a point A to a point B within the RTZ and who are already there during the duration of the plan.
  • Obtaining a sticker is not necessary for users who are in the RTZ for the duration of the plan and who wish to leave permanently.

Traffic restrictions in Bayeux on June 6, 2019.
Image: Prefecture of Calvados

Traffic restrictions in Caen on June 6, 2019.
Red and black: closed from 06:00 am – Orange: closed from 09:00 am. Purple: D151 road closed from 12:00 pm. Blue: closed when VIPs are travelling.
Note: Memorial (north Caen) and Prefecture (center of Caen) areas will be inaccessible from 06:00 am.
Image: Prefecture of Calvados

Traffic restrictions at Courseulles-sur-Mer on June 6, 2019.
The municipality, concerned by two official ceremonies, is subject to important restrictions of circulation. Having a pass will not allow access to the red axes.
Picture: Courseulles-sur-Mer town hall

Obtaining stickers / pass:

  • In town hall from May 20th to June 4th.
  • In prefecture from May 20th to June 4th.

Mainly, in order to favor proximity and reactivity, the stickers are delivered in town hall for permanent or temporary residents and professionals of the RTZ on presentation:
– the vehicle registration certificate (except for professionals);
– Proof of domiciliation or other proof (rental agreement, hotel bill…);
– an ID card.

Permanent and temporary residents of the RTZ and professionals working in the RTZ must contact the town halls of the municipalities concerned.
Motivated, private and professional external requests from people who have no connection with the municipality can be done:
– by mail (pref-75-information@calvados.gouv.fr).

The stickers are then delivered in prefecture (except RTZ) on presentation:
– the gray card of the vehicle(s) (except for professionals);
– a proof (deferred deposit and withdrawal, no immediate delivery);
– an ID card.

For further information or request: pref-75-information@calvados.gouv.fr.

In the Cotentin Peninsula (Manche department)

Most official ceremonies with the presence of authorities taking place in Calvados, the Cotentin Peninsula is nevertheless affected by the restrictions of circulation. Thus, on June 6, 2019 from 6 am until the departure of the authorities, the RN174 (coming from Saint-Lô) going towards Caen at the Catz interchange (south of Carentan) will be closed.

Traffic rules for motorists will be applied, as well as special car parks, especially in Carentan-les-Marais on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 (see map below).

The traffic plan provides for a beige axis (see map below) in eight from the Blosville interchange as at the 70th anniversary and during the Tour de France 2016. It will follow the paneling of the Departmental Council of the Channel .

Access via the Saint-Côme-du-Mont interchange will be closed to visitors and reserved only for rescue and law enforcement.

Sainte-Marie-du-Mont 6 juin 2019

Traffic map at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont on June 6, 2019.
Image: Manche Prefecture

Residents of the impacted area will be able to freely join their home on presentation of proof of residence at the various control points on the intersections of the red axis reserved for rescue. If ever the French Prime Minister decided to come to Utah Beach, then it is this red axis that he would take (see map above).

The restrictions also concern the air route: two prohibited zones and a restricted zone are implemented on a temporary basis, to enable the validation and implementation of the particular aviation security system.

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  1. C. Spruijt says:

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  2. Just bring your vehicle registration when you come to get your sticker.
    With my sticker will I be able to drive across Bayeux from Esquay-sur-Seulles to Vaucelles-crossing the By-Pass twice? Will there be checkpoints where we cross.
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    I am staying in Bayeux within the restricted area on the night of June 5 and 6. I do not have a vehicle but rather a bike. Will I need a sticker to be able to leave and return on the 6th?

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    I am staying in Lion Sur mer from the 5th and collecting my hire car on 5th in Caen
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    The day is not for you.Its for the fallen and you can show respect

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