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Image : Le Figaro


May 30th, 2014

“Also on Facebook, Marc Laurenceau, creator of the DDay-Overlord site, a veritable mine of information on D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.”

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Image : Le Figaro

Le Figaro

May 5th 2014

As part of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings and battle, the French daily newspaper Le Figaro quotes the D-Day Overlord site and its search for volunteers.

Image : Le Parisien

Le Parisien

May 3rd 2014

As part of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing and battle, the French national daily Le Parisien cites the D-Day Overlord site and its search for volunteers.

Image : Patrimoine-Normand magazine

Patrimoine Normand

April-May-June 2014

The site D-Day Overlord is referenced in an article of the magazine Patrimoine-Normandie. It is presented as the French reference site dedicated to the Battle of Normandy.

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Image : France 3

France 3

Catherine Berra

The site D-Day Overlord is referenced in an article published on France 3 Basse-Normandie on the occasion of the inauguration of the statue of the bagpiper Bill Millin in Colleville-Montgomery as part of the 69th anniversary of the landing of Normandy.

8 juin 2013

D-Day Overlord website is ranked 2nd best website on World War II by –

Image : Daily Mail

Leon Watson

May 8th, 2013

The D-Day Overlord website of Marc Laurenceau is the origin of the cancellation of a commercial project aiming to create a “Mythical sector of the landing beaches”. The information was relayed in the French press.

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Image : La Manche Libre

F. O.

April 25th, 2013

The D-Day Overlord website of Marc Laurenceau is the origin of the cancellation of a commercial project aiming to create a “Mythical sector of the landing beaches”. The information was relayed in the French press.

Image : Historia Magazine

Historia Magazine  – Véronique Dumas

September 4th,  2012

 The D-Day Overlord website is selected as the “site of the week” by Historia Magazine:The initiative is to be welcomed. The best sites dedicated to the subject have long been English-speaking. This one, realized and fed since 2003 by a passionate, Marc Laurenceau, presents, in addition to an English and French version, a Spanish version. A true online memorial, it has more than 10,000 pages dedicated to the men who organized Operation Overlord, participated and liberated France. In particular, it presents an online encyclopaedia of the landing and battle of Normandy, one of a kind. From the genesis of the disembarkation of June 6, 1944 to its unfolding, minute by minute, from the chronology of the fighting to the description of the forces involved, no detail is forgotten and specialists and amateurs alike will find documentation of the first order. Note: Whether or not you saw the “Band of Brothers” series, read the story of the true story of the 506 PIR, 101 st Airborne, Easy Company. A filmography, a bibliography and even an “Weapon enclyclopaedia” describing the war material used, by categories, are at the disposal of the visitors.

The +: the unpublished stories of veterans; The description of the various military episodes in the harsh battle of Normandy; Operating cards; Vintage pictures and current photos of the same places. The part devoted to the preparation of his stay in the region. Impressive.

The –: plan at least one or two hours in front of you to discover some resources of this remarkable site. “

Image : La Presse de la Manche

La Presse de La Manche – Cahier du Dimanche Newspaper

Jeanne-Marie Ravel-Hascoet

June 3rd, 2012

WWW.DDAY-OVERLORD.COM Accessible in three languages, it is the “first francophone site dedicated to the Battle of Normandy” and the history buffs will appreciate its rubrics with unpublished testimonies of veterans, maps, period photographs and numerous files relating to the armaments And the uniforms then used.
Particularly clear, the texts provide information on “the origins of the Normandy landing”, explain the “combined operations at the Teheran conference” where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met and the choice of the beaches of Normandy as ” Invasion allied to western Europe “determined by the COSSAC,” Supreme Allied Command Staff. Named Operation Overlord, the landing was to be a total success and the French resistance was very actively participated in it by about 1000 “sabotage actions” carried out “in the night of 5 to 6 June 1944” in order to thwart enemy maneuvers. With the synthesis of the Atlantic Wall, Operation Neptune or the creation of artificial ports to replenish the Allied armies after the landing, the site presents the major interest of detailing “minute after minute” on Tuesday, June 6, 1944: A masterful chronology of nearly 300 events “on land, in the air and at sea” to meditate on this past reality. Similarly, the chapter on “Battles for the regional capitals: Caen and Cherbourg” deals with the strategies and issues of the Battle of Normandy, also followed on a daily basis with a “narrative of the fighting” from 7 June to 29 August 1944 and A “selection of strategic maps” that can be animated with a click.
Famous films with summary and trailer are shown as well as nine video games with a reflection on the development of these games on D-Day. As for the 200 books chosen, twelve appear in the “Hit-parade of the choice of Internet users . “One or four days of good tours are offered to” visit the historic area of ​​the Battle of Normandy “and the memories of the region: landing beaches, military cemeteries or memorial museums. In Cherbourg-Octeville, the Museum of the Liberation remains to be discovered or to see again. Cyber-avis: Thanks to Marc Laurenceau for this high-quality site that is open to all: non-initiates, history buffs, high school students and students.
A beautiful tribute to the soldiers who died for France.

Terre Information Magazine

N°195 – June 2008

D-Day Overlord is quoted in the information and liaison monthly of the French Army: “Terre Information Magazine” n°195. The magazine was interested in the site as part of the realization of its June ephemeris.

La Renaissance – Le Bessin – Côte de Nacre” newspaper

July 19th, 2007

« DDay-Overlord » forum visiting.
About fifteen members of the website, devoted to the Battle of Normandy, came to visit Maisy’s batteries. This website is a memorial of nearly 1,000 pages, particularly well documented, dedicated to those who organized Operation Overlord. It includes a forum for discussion and exchange of information. This is one of the very first non-virtual meetings between the passionate contributors of this website who made an appointment to visit together the installations updated by Gary Sterne, owner of the batteries.

Université du Québec, Trois-Rivières, Canada

September 2006

The Université du Québec at Trois-Rivières, Canada, has selected 10 Francophone sites dedicated to the Second World War. The educational aspect of the selected sites was a criterion of choice. Here is the evaluation done by three professors: “The site of Marc Laurenceau is simply impressive, as much by its quality as by its content, the multiple recognitions that have been attributed to him are quite significant. Is clear and moving, the chapters are very well structured and the downloading of the pages is fast The accuracy of the theoretical elements, the qualities of the photos, the descriptive depth of the many elements and the critical eye of the author make it a “must” On the landing and the battle of Normandy “.

Notre Temps” newspaper

July 2004

June 6 on the big screen! The origins of the operation, the organization of the landing, the allied armada, the Atlantic wall… You will know everything about the landing and the battle of Normandy, thanks to Concise and clear texts and a beautiful collection of vintage photos.
A filmography of June 6, 1944, and part of the site dedicated to Steven Spielberg’s film. Saving Private Ryan (with photos of the feature film, shooting and an article on the links between fiction and reality)


CNDP in collaboration with the French Ministry of Education

July 2004

One of the most complete and easy to use websites among those devoted to D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. A simple click from the home page gives you access to a detailed account of the events since their preparations, to simple (black and white) but accurate maps, to old and current photographs of the sites.
Besides a bibliography and a presentation of the films Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, there is also a valuable help for student presentations, taking into account the expected duration of these presentations.
For those considering a trip to the premises, a proposal to send flyers about museums and places to visit.

Image : DNA - Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace

Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace – J.-F. Ott

July 1st, 2004

Marc Laurenceau, the ace of D-Day in digital version: his thirst to learn about the history of D-Day leaves him no rest and has resulted in the creation of a website, www.dday-, with a large number of visitors, regular mentions in the national press, the approval of specialists on D-Day and top of the rankings of the websites dedicated to this episode of the Second World War. For an autodidact, who is on the case for less than a year, the result is very impressive.


June 2004

Selection of the D-Day Overlord website among the: “30 websites for the 60th anniversary of the D-Day” during the commemorations of the 60th anniversary of the Normandy Landings in June 2004.

Image : Express Magazine

L’Express Magazine – June 2004

These pages describe the landing by theme: historical narrative, many photos, a bibliography, a filmography, forums, etc. Navigation is easy and the site is also in English.

Image : Paroles du Jour J

May 2004

Marc Laurenceau created this site at the end of 2003 in order to dedicate to the Allied veterans a kind of personal monument for the sacrifices they have made.

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