ALG A-2 – Cricqueville-en-Bessin – Airfields in Normandy

ALG A-2 – Cricqueville

Battle of Normandy

This page presents the history of ALG (Advanced Landing Groud) A-2, used by the 9th United States Air Force during the Battle of Normandy.

Image : 9th Air Force

9th United States Air Force

Localisation: Cricqueville-en-Bessin, Calvados (14)

Code : A-2

Coordinates: 49°21’41”N – 01°00’20”W

Construction: from 9 to 22 June 1944 by the 820th Engineer Aviation Battalion (EAB)

Operational Period: from June 22, 1944, to September 15, 1944

Length: 1 524 m (5 000 feet)

Width: 36,57 m (120 feet)

Azimuth: 91°

Airstrip: Square-Mesh Track (SMT) and compacted earth


– 354th Fighter Group (353rd Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter Squadron, 356th Fighter Squadron) using P-51 D Mustang.

– 367th Fighter Group (392nd Fighter Squadron, 393rd Fighter Squadron, 394th Fighter Squadron) using P-38 Lightning.

ALG A-2 history:

The ALG A-2 runway begins at a length of 1,097 meters (3,600 feet) and is covered by SMT. But the sappers are soon ordered to increase its size to reach 1,524 meters (5,000 feet), which is the norm in terms of construction of the ALG in Normandy. At each end of the runway, 214 meters are added without coating, with just compacted earth.

Vestiges :

– Commemorative stele at the place called La Grande Lande.

– Commemorative stele east of the place called Savigny. – Reproduction subject to authorization of the author – Contact