ALG B-4 – Bény-sur-Mer – Airfields in Normandy

ALG B-4 – Bény-sur-Mer

Battle of Normandy

This page presents the history of ALG (Advanced Landing Groud) B-4, used by the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Normandy.

Image : second tactical air force

2nd Tactical Air Force

Location: Bény-sur-Mer, Calvados (14)

Code: B-4

Coordinates: 49°17’54”N – 000°25’49”W

Construction: from June 10, 1944 by the Royal Engineers 25th Airfield Construction Group

Operational period: from June 13 to September 4, 1944

Length: 1 200 m

Width: 40 m

Azimuth: 183°

Airstrip: Square-Mesh Track (SMT)


Image : drapeau anglais - Union Jack  Image : drapeau Canada 1944

– 35 Recce Wing (2 squadron – using Mustang II, 4 squadron – using Spitfire XI aircraft, 268 squadron – using Mustang II aircraft)

– 126 Wing (401 squadron, 411 squadron & 412 squadron – Canada) using Spitfire IXb aircraft

 – 144 Wing (441 squadron – Canada) using Spitfire IXb aircraft

ALG B-4 history:

The initial airstrip is made from compacted earth and the SMT coating is put in place later. On August 8, 1944, ALG B-4 became the main base of the 126 Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force.


Image : Toutes les photos de la bataille de Normandie classées en fonction de leur localisation

Spitfire fighters belonging to No. 412 Squadron on the Royal Canadian Air Force airfield coded ALG B-4 of Bény-sur-Mer. Photo: IWM.


Commemorative stele north-east of Bény-sur-Mer along the departmental 404. – Reproduction subject to authorization of the author – Contact