ALG B-6 – Coulombs

Battle of Normandy

This page presents the history of ALG (Advanced Landing Groud) B-6, used by the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Normandy.

Image : second tactical air force

2nd Tactical Air Force

Location: Coulombs, Calvados (14)

Code: B-6

Coordinates: 49°14’41”N – 000°33’07”W

Construction: from June 9 to June 16, 1944 by the Royal Engineers 13th Airfield Construction Group

Operational period: from June 16, 1944 to April 21, 1945

Length: 1 700 m

Width: 40 m

Azimuth: 172°

Airstrips: Square-Mesh Track (SMT)


Image : drapeau anglais - Union Jack

– 124 Wing (137 squadron, 181 squadron, 182 squadron, 247 squadron) using Typhoon aircraft.

– 141 Wing (264 squadron) using Mosquito aircraft.

ALG B-6 history:

ALG B-6 is the largest aerodrome of the Royal Air Force in Normandy with a surface area of nearly 200 hectares. It consists of two parallel tracks installed between the towns of Coulombs (north), Cully (northeast) and Sainte-Croix-Grand-Tonne (south).

This aerodrome becomes the permanent base of the 124 Wing.


Commemorative stele north of Sainte-Croix-Grand-Tonne. – Reproduction subject to authorization of the author – Contact