3rd (CA) Infantry Division – Battle order – 1944

3rd Canadian Infantry Division

3rd Canadian Infantry Division

Battle order – June 1944 – Battle of Normandy

History of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division

Commander: Major General Rodney Keller

HQ 3rd Canadian I.D.


7th Canadian Infantry: Brigadier H. W. Foster

The Royal Winnipeg Rifles: Lieutenant Colonel John M. Meldram
– A Company: Major F. E. Hodge
– B Company: Captain P. E. Gower
– C Company: Major J. M. D. Jones
– D Company: Major Lochie R. Fulton

The Regina Rifles Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel F. M. Matheson
– A Company: Major Duncan Grosch, wounded on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Captain Ron Shawcross
– B Company: Major F. L. Peters
– C Company: Major C. S. T. Tubb
– D Company: Major J. V. Love, killed on June 6th, 1944, replaced by Lieutenant H. L. Jones

1st Bn Canadian Scottish Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel F. N. Cabeldu
– A Company: Major Plows
– B Company: Major R. M. Lendrum
– C Company: Major D. G. Crofton
– D Company: Major Ewan


8th Canadian Infantry: Brigadier K. G. Blackader

The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada: Lieutenant Colonel J. G. Spragge
– A Company: Major Hume Elliot Dalton, wounded on June 11th, 1944
– B Company: Major C. O. Dalton
– C Company: Major Nickson
– D Company: Major Gordon

The North Shore Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel D. B. Buell
– A Company: Major J. A. M. C. Naughton
– B Company: Major R. B. Forbes
– C Company: Major Daughney
– D Company: Major Anderson

Régiment de la Chaudière: Lieutenant Colonel J. E. G. Paul Mathieu
– A Company: Major Hugues Lapointe
– B Company: Major J. F. L’Espérance
– C Company: Major Georges Sevigny
– D Company: Major Gustave Taschereau

9th Canadian Infantry:
Brigadier D. G. Cunningham

The Highland Light Infantry of Canada: Lieutenant Colonel F. M. Griffiths
– A Company: Major Durnward
– B Company: Captain Stark
– C Company: Major Hodgins
– D Company: Major Anderson

The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders: Lieutenant Colonel G. H. Christiansen
– A Company: Major F. L. Fisher
– B Company: Major Gemmel
– C Company: Captain Milligan

The North Nova Scotia Highlanders: Lieutenant Colonel Charles Petch
– A Company: Major Léon Rhodenizer
– B Company: Major Wilson
– C Company: Major Learment
– D Company: Major Matson, killed on July 25th, 1944, replaced by Captain Nicholson, killed on July 25th, 1944

The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa: Lieutenant Colonel P. C. Klaehn


2nd Canadian Armoured: Brigadier D. G. Cunningham

6th Canadian Armoured Regiment (1st Hussard): Lieutenant Colonel R. J. Colwell
– A Squadron: Major W. Dudley Brooks
– B Squadron: Major Duncan
– C Squadron: Major A. D. A. Marks

10th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse): Lieutenant Colonel R. E. A. Morton
– A Squadron
– B Squadron
– C Squadron: Major Bray

27th Canadian Armoured Regiment (The Sherbrooke Regiment): Lieutenant Colonel M. B. K. Gordon
– A Squadron
– B Squadron
– C Squadron

Royal Canadian Artillery
(RCA): Brigadier P. A. S. Todd

12th Canadian Field Regiment RCA: Lieutenant Colonel Webb
13th Canadian Field Regiment RCA: Lieutenant Colonel F. de P. T. Clifford
14th Canadian Field Regiment RCA: Lieutenant Colonel H. S. Griffin
19th Canadian Field Regiment RCA: Lieutenant Colonel R. G. Clarke
3rd Anti-Tank Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel J.P. Phin
4th Cdn Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RCA: Lieutenant Colonel C. E. Woodrow
114th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
93rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment


Royal Canadian Engineer
5th Canadian Field Company RCE
6th Canadian Field Company RCE: Major Murphy
16th Canadian Field Company RCE
18th Canadian Field Company RCE


Royal Engineer
72nd Field Company RE
85th Field Company RE: Captain Grey
262nd Field Company RE
26th Assault Squadron RE: Major A. E. Younger
80th Assault Squadron RE: Major Wiltshire


102nd Beach Sub-Area: Brigadier General N. B. Brading
8th Battalion, Kings Regiment
5th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment


4th Special Service Brigade: Brigadier Bernard W. Leicester
No. 48 (Royal Marine) Commando: Lieutenant Colonel James C. Moulton


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