Crash of the Dakota C-47 42-93095 – Serial 12 – D-Day – Normandy 1944

101st Airborne Division paratroopers – Serial 12
Dakota C-47 42-93095 crash

Operation Neptune – D-Day – Battle of Normandy

Composition of the American aircraft Douglas C-47 Dakota registered 42-93095 piloted by 1st Lieutenant Harold Andrew Capelluto belonging to the 91st Squadron, 439th Troop Carrier Group, shot down by the German anti-aircraft defense on June 6, 1944 over Beuzeville-au-Plain in Normandy while carrying paratroopers belonging to Easy company, 506th Parachute Infantry Division, 101st Airborne Division.

It crashes at 1 hour 12 in Beuzeville-au-Plain.

All crew members and paratroopers on board died in the crash.

1 Lt Harold Andrew Capelluto
2 Lt John Joseph Fanelli
2nd/Lt Bernard Friedman
Sgt Albert R. Tillotson Jr
Sgt Norman E.  Thompson

Paratroopers (Easy Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division)
1 Lt Thomas Meehan
1st/Sgt William S. Evans
S/Sgt Murray B. Roberts
Sgt Elmer L. Murray Jr.
Sgt Richard E. Owen
Sgt Carl N. Riggs
T/5 Herman F. Collins
T/5 Jerry A. Wentzel
T/5 Ralph H. Wimer
William McConigal
Pvt George L.  Elliott
Pfc John N. Miller
Pfc Sergio G. Moya
Pfc Gerald R. Snider
Pfc Elmer L. Telstad
Pfc Thomas W. Warren
Pfc Earnest Oats