Medal of Honor Airborne

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Title: Medal of Honor Airborne

Release date: September 6th, 2007

Developped by: Electronic Arts – 2015

Image : Medal of Honor Airborne

The Medal of Honor series is no longer presented. His first part, Allied Assault, had already had the subject of the landing of Normandy. It was even a forerunner in this area at the time. Five years later, Electronic Arts proposes a new part of the series devoted to the Battle of Normandy: Airborne.

This is a game dedicated to American airborne troops during the Second World War, and in particular to the 82nd Airborne Division. As the name suggests, you are parachuted over enemy lines and you have to carry out various very different missions (infiltration, assault, defense) with different means (artillery, tanks, handguns).

This opus relies on the realism of the scenes of combat. Indeed, five years after Allied Assault, the technical means are no longer the same and the developers of this game were able to afford to reconstitute scenes of impressive fights. The possibilities of movement (which are increasingly fluid), cinematic, everything is done so that one plunges to the very heart of the scenario. The player controls the character from the game as they jump off the plane and can head to a particular jump area.

The developers of the game have reconstituted battles that actually existed and have inserted the missions into a real historical context. For example, one of the missions of the game is to storm a German fortified point behind Utah Beach on June 6, 1944, in order to prevent the artillerymen from bombing the US troops of the 4th Infantry Division.

Nevertheless, it is here more the playability and the dynamism of the images that the absolute respect of the historical events that directed the work of the developers of this video game.


Image : Medal of Honor AirborneImage : Medal of Honor AirborneImage : Medal of Honor AirborneImage : Medal of Honor Airborne

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