Gooseberries and Blockships
British blackships

Battle of Normandy

In order to facilitate the landing of human and material reinforcements by sea by limiting the impact of the sea on these operations, the Allies have the idea of voluntarily scuttling old ships off the coast that are used as breakers. blades: these are the “Gooseberries”. The marine current is thus greatly reduced and navigation improved.

List of British breakwaters engaged during the Battle of Normandy facing off the landing beaches:

HMS AlynbankBlockship at Gold Beach
BechevilleBlockship at Sword Beach
BendoranBlockship at Juno Beach
HMS CenturionBlockship at Omaha Beach
Dover HillBlockship at Sword Beach
HMS DurbanBlockship at Gold Beach
Elswick ParkBlockship at Juno Beach
Empire BuntingBlockship at Sword Beach
Empire DefianceBlockship at Juno Beach
Empire FlamingoBlockship at Juno Beach
Empire MoorhenBlockship at Sword Beach
Empire TamarBlockship at Sword Beach
Empire TanaBlockship at Juno Beach
Empire WaterhenBlockship at Gold Beach
IngmanBlockship at Gold Beach
InnertonBlockship at Gold Beach
Manchester SpinnerBlockship at Juno Beach
MariposaBlockship at Juno Beach
PanosBlockship at Juno Beach
SaltersgateBlockship at Gold Beach
Vera RadcliffeBlockship at Juno Beach
VinlakeBlockship at Gold Beach
WinhaBlockship at Gold Beach