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Task Force J – D-Day – Operation Neptune

Task Force J

Allied Armada battle order  

Assault Force “J” : Commodore 1st Class Geoffrey Nigel Oliver

 HMS Hilary

Assault Group J.1 : Captain Pugsley

 HMS Lawford

Assault Group J.2 : Captain Otway-Ruthven

 HMS Waveney

Assault Group J.3 : Captain Fanshawe

 HMS Royal Ulsterman

Bombarding Force E : Rear Admiral Frederick Dalrymple-Hamilton

Image : drapeau canadien 1944 HMCS Algonquin

 HMS Belfast

 HMS Bleasdale

 HMS Diadem

 HMS Faulknor

 HMS Fury

Drapeau norvégien HNoMS Glaisdale

Image : drapeau français La Combattante

 HMS Kempenfelt

Image : drapeau canadien 1944 HMCS Sioux

 HMS Stevenstone

 HMS Venus

 HMS Vigilant


News from Normandy

Wall of Remembrance

Wall of Remembrance

The Wall of Remembrance is a tribute to the veterans of the Battle of Normandy who have passed away

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Media library

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