Warships in Normandy

Battle of Normandy

This list shows 129 warships and 7 types of landing crafts used by the various navies in the Channel during the Battle of Normandy. These pages contain photographs and fact sheets.

Image : Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel

American Landing Craft Vehicule & Personnel (LCVP)
Photo: US National Archives

Landing craft

List of the Allied landing craft


   HMS Locust

Cargo ships

  USS Ancon

  USS Bayfield

  USS Joseph T. Dickman

  HMS Bulolo

  HMS Hilary

  HMS Largs

  HMS Royal Ulsterman

Submarine Hunters







  Estienne d’Orves




  USS Arkansas

  USS Texas

  USS Nevada

  HMS Nelson

  HMS Ramillies

  HMS Rodney

  HMS Warspite



  USS Augusta

  USS Quincy

  USS Tuscaloosa

  HMS Ajax

  HMS Arethusa

  HMS Argonaut

  HMS Belfast

  HMS Black Prince

  HMS Danae

  HMS Diadem

  HMS Durban

  HMS Emerald

  HMS Enterprise

  HMS Frobisher

  HMS Glasgow

  HMS Hawkins

  HMS Mauritius

  HMS Orion

  HMS Scylla

  Georges Leygues



  USS Auk

  USS Broadbill

  USS Chickadee

  USS Nuthatch

  USS Osprey

  USS Pheasant

  USS Staff

  USS Swift

  USS Threat

  USS Tide


  HMS Kingsmill

  HMS Lawford

  HMS Nith

  HMS Waveney






  HMS Erebus

  HMS Roberts

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